In the current Lombardian, Jane Charmalo writes about Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) and Feral Fixers. It's a very good article and is accompanied by a picture of our 4,000th spayed/neutered cat.

Money quote from the article:

"The president [Tammy McAuley] said Feral Fixers covers DuPage County and she contacts individual municipalities to explain the concept of TNR, and so far, the organization has neutered over 4,100 cats. She commented that police departments have mentioned that the number of complaints has gone down as the result of the reduction in the feral cat population. McAuley said the TNR philosophy, though, is not embraced by everyone—when neighbors object to having the cat(s) returned to their previous location, even though they were already there to begin with. However, she continued, once they understand how neutering changes the animal’s behavior, 'We’ve gotten so many neighbors working together.'

'It’s a community builder,' she added."

Press coverage is always good and good press coverage is even better...

Thank you Lombardian!

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