I'm out of town right now, so the following is the report from Tammy on today's trip to the PAWS-Chicago Spay/Neuter clinic by Feral Fixers...

38 cats were sent, 20 friendlies and 18 ferals.

Charli and Nancy transported in and Rita & Judy and Stacey picked up.

We thought we would have lower numbers and had told PAWS so and they scheduled more appointments from the public.

Friendlies got to my house at 7:30 or so, ferals did not leave PAWS until 8:41 PM. Stacey is such a trouper, she waited for them and all the paperwork.

One friendly did not receive surgery as some food was found in her carrier, we will get her in on the next trip. So 37 received surgery.

Once again we owe so much to PAWS, they are helping us make such a huge difference!

We are on hold til 9/20/12...

Due to the volume of cats we have been doing - we are exhausted! And so behind on all the paperwork, event planning, etc. that keeps Feral Fixers running. Therefore we are putting all new clients on hold and only taking in emergencies = that injured feral, that female that could be pregnant - and friendlies who have gotten old enough for surgery so that we can keep them moving on to shelters. So don't even think this is a vacation, its a reallocation of time!

Our next large trip will be September 20th.

Thanks Tammy! And special thanks to our super-volunteers, Charil, Nancy, Rita & Judy!

With thes 37 cats, Feral Fixers has now processed 144 cats for August, 664 cats for the year and 4,169 overall.

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