Every call has included kittens. In threes and fours and fives, they just keep popping up. Our fosters are full. All of our people are stressed. You can’t get kittens to grow up any faster than their programming. You can’t neuter them before they are 2.25 pounds. We reach an impasse between flow going out to shelters and the flow coming in from the street.

Truly, this is the time of year when it is just too much to even return a call. If you’ve been caught up in that, our apologies but we are only human and this is taking a toll on us.

Our current crisis involves a hoarding situation. At least 20 adults need to leave this home and find other homes or colony relocation. Kittens have been being removed with upper respiratory for years without all the adults being neutered. Now, the village authorities are involved and the cats have to go. This is yet another situation that would end up involving animal control if we did not step in. Animal control does not have the resources to be able to take the time to evaluate the cats or make them physically and mentally healthy enough for adoption.

Our ongoing crisis is, of course, all of the kittens and friendlies we currently have on hand.

I hate to be negative, I don’t want to dwell on our situation, but needed you to know just how bad it is. We cannot do this without your involvement.

Please contribute to our “Keep Those Cages Empty” Fundraiser. We need your donations more than ever now as the calls keep pouring in.

Thank you so much, we cannot do this without you!!!

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