We finished up June with a bang this past Thursday, bringing in 45 cats to the PAWS-Chicago Spay/Neuter clinic to be fixed. 14 of these cats were ferals while the other 31 were 'Friendly ferals'.

Super-volunteer Charli helped transport the cats from Tammy's house to PAWS in the morning (Thanks Charli!) while super-volunteer Jodi helped transport the cats from PAWS in the afternoon back to Tammy's house for recovery and distribution (Thanks Jodi!). And, super-volunteer Judy was at Tammy's in the morning to help get the cats ready and load the vehicles and then in the afternoon help unload and distributed the cats - Thanks Judy!

Thursday was a brutal day - the temperature officially reached 100 degrees - hot, hot, hot... To make matter worse, the air-conditioning at the PAWS clinic failed, so the staff (and the animals!) had to endure hot and humid conditions all day at the clinic. But the PAWS staff took it all in stride - they got all of the animals done. PAWS really does rock!

Of the 45 cats we brought in, 5 were rejected for surgery due to various ailments and conditions, so we wound up having 40 cats spayed/neutered this day. This finishes up June with 114 cats. For the year, Feral Fixers has had 410 cats fixed and, overall, we've had 3,915 cats fixed.

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