Getting a little bit behind on my blogging...

A week ago today, Feral Fixers brought in 2 more cats to the PAWS-Chicago Spay/Neuter clinic. Both of them were ferals and both were females. Super-volunteer Jennifer picked them up from Tammy's and brought them in to PAWS while super-volunteer Bob picked them up from PAWS and brought them back to Tammy's. Thanks Jennifer! Thanks Bob!

And, this past Thursday, we brought in 10 more cats to PAWS to be fixed. 8 of these were ferals while the other two, including one BIG KITTY, were 'friendly ferals'. I made the trip both ways.

And today, we brought in four more cats, all ferals, and all females, to PAWS to be fixed. Again, I made the trip both ways. This trip marked the completion of yet another colony - getting to be a familiar theme...

With the 2 cats last Thursday, Feral Fixers finished the month of April with 51 cats. And these first fourteen cats of May bring us up to a total of 233 cats for the year and 3,738 overall.

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