Several weeks ago, I posted a story about a stray cat caretaker who took the IRS to tax court and won. You can read that story here.

Well, now she's lost all 93 of her cats and her two dogs too, to local authorities. According to this news report, neighbors had complained and they raided the place, claimed that they found cats in emaciated condition and confiscated all of them. They also said they had to euthanize 16 of them because they were 'terminally ill'. The article also says that the veterinarian called in to examine the cats stated that none of the "79 cats" she examined appeared to be emaciated.

The numbers don't add up - 93 cats minus 16 euthanized leaves 77 cats, not 79 cats. Maybe the writer made a mistake. Maybe the authorities counted wrong. Maybe the examining veterinarian counted wrong. The article also says that the 77 cats not euthanized by authorities were going to be put up for adoption. I hope they were all friendlies...

According to another news report, the lady was essentially a hoarder and the authorities had been trying to persuade her for years to give up some of the cats but she would give up some and then acquire more.

It's hard to know what really happened without thoroughly investigating, but 93 is a lot of cats in anyone's book.

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