Last Tuesday and tonight, Thursday, we made trips to the PAWS-Chicago Spay/Neuter clinic to get some local cats fixed.

On Tuesday, super-volunteer Judy drove 9 cats (8 ferals and 1 friendly) to PAWS while super-volunteer Stacy picked up the cats from PAWS and brought them back to Tammy's for recovery. Thanks Judy! Thanks Stacy! One of the cats, the friendly, was not done as the PAWS vets feared it wasn't healthy enough for surgery, so we wound up doing only 8 for the day. I sure lucked out here as normally I am the driver. When Judy got to the clinic in the morning, she discovered that they were doing construction (new roof, new siding) on the apartment building next to PAWS. Workmen and supplies took up all open spots to the parking lot and, as a result, Judy had to drive around the clinic at least 3 times to find a parking spot - and that was a block away. And, that night, when Stacy went to pick up the cats, she discovered that PAWS was way behind and, as a result, she didn't get finished at Tammy's until after 8:30! So, sorry guys, but I'm glad it wasn't me :)

Today I took 14 cats to PAWS; 11 ferals and 3 friendlies, and I also picked them up from PAWS and drove them back to Tammy's for recovery. One of the friendlies already had a spay scar, so only 13 of these cats were done.

So, we finished up February doing 65 cats for the month - our busiest February ever! And with today's first 13 cats of March, we've now done 92 for the year and 3,597 overall.

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