This past Thursday, we brought 10 more cats to the PAWS-Chicago Spay/Neuter clinic to be fixed. Details from Tammy:

We took 10 cats to PAWS on Thursday.

6 ferals - basically garage ferals = not going back outside.

3 friendlies - kittens - one is already in a home and the other two are in foster and soon to go to a shelter.

Super volunteer Judy drove in and super-volunteer Mary picked up.

Our 10th cat was Roof Wallace. During her spay in September, there was a complication and the tissue broke apart as it was brought outside to remove. The vet enlarged the incision and thought all parts were retrieved. Recently Wallace displayed mating behavior - big time! - so we took her to have her hormone levels tested. Definitely indicated that there was still tissue in there. Dr. Von Waldau did the surgery Thursday, had to bring various organs to the outside of the cat's body and found (and removed) some ovary tissue still in the cat. Probably not enough to let her get pregnant, but enough to stimulate mating behaviour.

To sum it up, we are still trying to take time off from trips to PAWS because we have so much else to do, the few we've taken in, we've felt we had no choice but to take them.

So, Thanks Judy and Thanks Mary! You know, this is two trips this year where I didn't have to drive either way - I could get used to this!

(Just kidding Tammy)...

With these 9 cats, we've now fixed 14 for the month and year and 3,519 overall.

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