Yesterday, Feral Fixers brought in its first load of cats for July to the PAWS-Chicago spay/neuter clinic, 14 to be exact, to be fixed. One was deemed not healthy enough for surgery, however, so only 13 were processed.

This brings us up to a total of 336 cats that Feral Fixers has had spay/neutered so far in 2009 and a grand total of 947 overall since our inception. We have anecdotal evidence from some shelters that the number of kittens they've taken in is down this year, and we hope that this is a) true and b) that our efforts have had something to do with this. Let's wait until we see year-end statistics, however, before we make a final judgement on this.

We have added a new menu item, "Statistics" to our Main Menu. If you click on this link, you will see a running total of all the cats that Feral Fixers has had spay/neutered since its inception. These totals are shown by month, so you can see a measurement of what we are accomplishing and when we are accomplishing it.

Feral Fixers would again like to thank all of its volunteers and contributors which have made this all possible - thank you!

(Numbers graphic from here)

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