May started out slowly in regards to the number of cats we were able to process, but we finished up the month pretty strongly. Overall, we had 55 more cats spay/neutered this month. None of the trips were huge ones, but the pace was very steady. Following is a list of the days and the number of cats we had done:

  • May 2nd - 7 cats
  • May 3rd - 3 cats
  • May 5th - 7 cats
  • May 7th - 3 cats
  • May 12th-13th - 7 cats (the cats were brought in on the 12th and picked up on the 13th)
  • May 16th - 9 cats
  • May 17th - 3 cats
  • May 21st - 1 cat (yes, we'll go in with just one cat if we need to)
  • May 26th - 4 cats
  • May 27th - 4 cats
  • May 28th - 7 cats (we brought in 8 but one had already been fixed, so we only counted 7)

So, 55 cats overall for May.

We also were finally able to get Marvin fixed. When we first took him to PAWS a couple of weeks ago, they refused to operate on him, saying that he was dehydrated and that surgery would be risky for him. Tammy has kept him in a cage and has been giving him lots of TLC, not to mention de-worming medication. Marvin is "all-better" now, except for some sneezing and PAWS was able to successfully neuter him this week. This is one friendly, talkative cat and I am very glad that he is going to be able to get a home soon.

With the 55 cats processed in May, we have done 405 this fiscal year (since October 1st, 2008) and 881 overall since our inception. That's a lot of kittens prevented!

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