We had 10 more cats fixed today, 7 ferals and 3 'friendly ferals'. We had made arrangements with the PAWS-Chicago Spay / Neuter clinic to be able to bring in up to 20 cats, but 10 was the best we could do. While I was at PAWS this morning, dropping off our cats, I spoke with Collette Walker of Triple R Pets, who was also there dropping off some cats to be fixed. She, too, despite her best efforts, was unable to trap more than just a few cats for today.

So where are all the ferals? Have we solved the problem and they're all fixed? Did they all move to Arizona to get away from this wet weather? Well, no, but the weather has been a problem - wet and cold and not very hospitable to trapping...

But 10 more cats is 10 more cats that won't add to the cat overpopulation problem. Including the 4 cats we had fixed earlier this week, this now makes 814 cats that Feral Fixers has had spay/neutered.

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