After a short break from our 'March Madness' (123 cats fixed in the month of March), we're starting to process cats again. Today was an easy day, only two cats to do. Gee, only two cats today. This must mean that we're all caught up in DuPage County, right?


I wish it were so, I'm looking forward to the day that it is so, but it won't be anytime in the near future. Nevertheless, the fact that we had only two cats for today means that we've gotten a little bit ahead of the curve, at least temporarily. I'm sure these numbers will be increasing again in the very near future.

One of the cats taken care of today was from the Nursing Home that Tammy wrote about some months back. When the cats in this colony were first trapped, there was only wily mom who eluded all efforts to catch her. Though she was subsequently trapped and spayed, Tammy thinks that this cat was one of her kittens. Hopefully this colony is now completely stable.

The other cat was from Glendale Heights and, unfortunately, tested positive for FeLV, feline leukemia. It will be returned to its colony, but the caretaker will need to keep an eye on it and retrap it if its condition worsens...

Not only were there just two cats, I only had to do the 'pick-up' trip at PAWS as Mary took them down in the morning - thanks Mary! We've now had 169 cats fixed this year and 782 overall.

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