In January of 2008, Feral Fixers purchased 26 used traps from ChicagoLand Stray Cats. That, plus the 25 or so traps that our President, Tammy McAuley, already owned, gave us a 'stash' of about 50 traps. I thought that would be plenty for us. Silly me. Feral Fixers is now in a position where we are having to juggle requests to borrow our traps. Tonight we ran out - for the first time ever. In one sense, of course, this is good - it means that there are many more people out there trapping cats. In another sense, of course, it is bad - we're now having to balance requests for traps to try and get the most efficient use of them.

I don't want these blog posts to be a continuous series of fund-raising requests, but tonight I'm going to make an exception. If you are considering giving to Feral Fixers, now would be a really good time ☺ Traps cost anywhere from $60 on up, depending on the size and type. If you would consider a donation at this time to Feral Fixers to help us purchase more traps, we (and the trappers) would be MOST grateful. Your donation will be put to immediate and effective use. It's easy to donate to us. Just click on the Donate! button at the top of our website. This will take you to our PayPal donation page where you can donate to us via PayPal or with a Credit Card. We're a registered 501c3 charity, so donations to us are fully deductible. Thank you!

Today we had 8 more cats fixed. Reflecting the diverse location of the cats (and trappers!), these cats came from Elmhurst (multiple locations), Bloomingdale, Hanover Park and Geneva. Jennifer took the cats to PAWS this morning while I picked them up this evening. We'd like to welcome a new transport volunteer, Mary, who rode with Jennifer this morning to learn the ropes. Welcome Mary!

With these 8 cats, Feral Fixers has now fixed 92 cats this month - easily a record for us. We might get to our goal of 100 cats in March this weekend - if not, next week for sure. Overall, Feral Fixers has now fixed 136 cats this year and a total of 749 since we started work in September of 2007. Again, our thanks to all of the volunteers who have helped make this possible and a special thanks to the PAWS-Chicago spay / neuter clinic who, with their incredibly inexpensive Feral Cat package, helps make this all possible. Thanks everyone!

The trap pictured is a Tomahawk 606 - one of our favorites. If you click on the picture, you will see a larger version of it.

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