Our President Tammy has the week off from her 'day job'. This can mean only one thing - WE'RE GOING TO DO MORE CATS!!

Today we did 15 more. Jennifer drive the cats in this morning (thanks Jennifer!) to the PAWS-Chicago Spay/Neuter clinic while I picked them up this evening and brought them back to Tammy's house for overnight recovery. She already has the next batch nearly ready to go tomorrow. We have plans to do more cats tomorrow (Thursday), more on Friday and still more on Sunday. Never a dull moment...

The 15 cats fixed today represented six communities; Villa Park, Addison, Lombard, Wheaton, and I forget the other two...

Tammy gives us some details on the cats that were processed today:

Some of the cats today were the result of the caretaker not getting the last female last year, now there are 6 more cats that have to be TNR'd.

One of the cats, Murr Gracie, was there when the caretaker moved into her new house. The caretaker had done TNR where she lived before, so she knew immediately what to do, it just took some time to find us and then for us to have time to get to her. Luckily, this kitty seems to be interested in moving inside as a friendly and her kitten is already inside, enjoying his new life. While we insist on "return" when the cats are feral, we are very happy when they turn out to be friendly and can have a home inside.

One cat, Gold Onyx, was to be done as a friendly, we thought he was male, turns out he had previously been neutered and at that time was a cryptorchid (means they have undescended testicles), so, he was a stray, not microchipped and had to go thru invasive surgery a second time - the surgery is like a female spay in that they do go in after the testicles and there is an incision.

Some of the other cats who were done today live in an industrial complex, their feeding split between the employees of two businesses and a husband and wife who live close by. There is a trend to call ferals "community" cats and this is an example of how it does take a cummunity to care for the ferals!

Thanks Tammy!

With these 15 cats, Feral Fixers has now had 39 cats fixed this month, 646 this year and 1,257 overall.

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