Today I brought 14 more cats to the PAWS-Chicago Spay/Neuter clinic to be fixed. Only 6 of them were ferals while 8 of them were 'Friendly Ferals'.

We've done an awful lot of 'Friendlies' lately, or, perhaps I should say that "I" have done a lot of 'Friendlies' lately. Tammy tells me that she likes it when I take the Friendlies to PAWS because I'll stick around and wait for the Vet to give them the 'once-over' before I leave. I do have the time to do this - retirement does have its advantages...

We do have the option of just leaving the 'Friendly Ferals' at the clinic, but then we are not able to immediately react should a vet have a question about one of the cats. And I have to say, I've learned a lot about cats in being the intermediary between Tammy and whoever the examining Vet is. I've gotten to the point now where I can answer most of the questions asked about the cats - only once in a while do I have to phone Tammy to get guidance from her...

With these 14 cats, Feral Fixers has now processed 47 cats this month. This number should take a big jump next week as Tammy is off work and I don't have anything big scheduled. I've told Tammy to load me up and, as she tells me that our phone has been 'ringing off the hook', I think she will.

Feral Fixers has now processed a total of 476 cats this year and 1,087 since we've started. We're rapidly closing in on last year's total (525) and should pass it it in the next few weeks. Our goal this year was to do another 500 cats and we're going to easily surpass that. I don't think that 600 is out of the question.

(The picture thumbnails are of the traps and carriers containing the 14 cats we did today. Click on either one to see a larger version of the picture.)

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