Happy Holidays!

As I write this, Christmas is just a week away! The end of the year just two weeks away! The generosity of our donors is already evident, our Black Cat Giving Tuesday fundraiser is already at 33% of our goal of $24,000 – that may seem to be a long way to go yet but our benefactors have surprised us so many times! Please share our fundraiser, share your alumni photos and stories and join the community helping us to go into the New Year without concerns about finances! Have you seen that several of our black and black/white special kitties have been adopted already? We like to share these cats a bit more with this fundraiser, finding homes for them to change their lives during the holidays, increase the joy in their new families’ lives!

Furry Friends Can Make Your Holidays Complete!

This year has been a challenge! Imagine adopting out hundreds of cats when our focus is on preventing cat overpopulation! We started TNR early this year and have neutered over 900 cats and kittens at this time. Imagine the volume of cats at Feral Fixers and all of the rescues in the area if we were not here! The adoptable kittens could have been outside with all of those challenges but instead are finding their way into loving new homes for the rest of their lives. Go to the “Want to Adopt” link on our home page and start the pre-approval process. Adoptions can take place at pre-arranged times at our building, sometimes at our fosters and an Adoption Event is not required. We still have at least 90 adoptables – while we’ve had so many great adoptions, new cats still arrive. All have their own story, their own personalities. Help us by adopting our wonderful cats! Imagine the difference in your life!

  • 1/6/24 PetSmart Adoption Event - Finley Square Shopping Center (1550 Butterfield Rd, Downers Grove.
  • 1/20/24 Adoption Event at our Building – 330 Eisenhower Ln N, Lombard.
  • 2/3/24 PetSmart Adoption Event - Finley Square Shopping Center (1550 Butterfield Rd, Downers Grove.
  • 2/17/24 Adoption Event at our Building – 330 Eisenhower Ln N, Lombard.
PattyCake came to us on 12/4 at 10 ounces. She immediately snorted up KMR, resulting in a trip to vet for Convenia to prevent aspiration pneumonia in case the liquid got to her lungs. What a tough kitten, so tiny, most likely has some structural issue in esophagus/sinuses and has to eat from a bowl that is raised or else the food goes the wrong way. Has doubled in size in those 14 days and is such a happy kitten! Name was surprisingly appropriate because she makes happy paws all of the time.

Frosty Claws Is Coming

Once again, it is time for Frosty Claws on Sunday, January 14th from 12noon to 4PM. This will be our 14th year and after 14 years we will finally be raising our entry donation to $15 in advance (by January 9th) and $20 at the door. Join us for food, beverages, boutique, Silent Auction, door prizes, raffles and the company of fellow cat lovers! We welcome donations for our fundraisers, please contact Tammy, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to donate new or antique items. So far, we have a Barbecue Grill, bicycle, quilts, hand-knitted afghan, cat tree, a wide range of items! We hope to see you there, it is wonderful to once again see the people we’ve helped over the years! You can purchase Early-Bird tickets here.

My Takeaway? We Gotta Neuter MORE Cats!

If this new treatment does become available, cat owners will be so happy! Cats might live ‘til they are 30 years old – From Google:

“Japanese researcher, Dr Miyazaki's groundbreaking AIM injection tackles the root cause of kidney disease in cats and cats will be able to live up to 30 years, in a full, healthy and much richer life! We hope it will be made available widely soon!”

Kitten Tests Positive for Rabies in Nebraska

In a highly unusual case rabies crossed species and hundreds of miles to infect a kitten. This unleased a huge effort to vaccinate raccoons, other wildlife, a few feral cats and the humans who interacted with the kitten. No further animals were found to be infected but the work involved to prevent the possible spread is amazing.

Reluctant to Take Your Cat to the Vet?

Does your cat throw up on the way to the vet? Need to move and worry about how you are going to travel cross-country without incident? A new drug might make this travel easier.

Happy does NOT like the cone. Happy not happy.

Year Not Over Yet

On 11/29 – GEAH – one friendly male with puncture wounds on his left rear paw went to GEAH and while he was sedated, he received the whole menu. A new abscess developed higher up and was discovered when he went for a bandage recheck, he’s been with us for 3 weeks now after several re-wraps, a culture on the critter causing the infection and a more specific antibiotic. Happy really does not like an Elizabethan collar but otherwise he takes the bandage off! Has improved a LOT and we’re so very lucky he’s a nice boy! His caretaker is going to bring him inside once he is healed!

On 12/1 – ADOPT – 15 friendlies, 9 males, 6 females. Remember the kittens discovered at the Fire Department test building? Sarge, Smokey and Sparky have now been neutered!

12/8 – ADOPT – 2 friendlies, 6 ferals, 4 males, 4 females. One of the ferals was a mom that had been eluding the traps for 3 years, producing so many kittens in that time – now she can relax and enjoy her life outdoors!

12/15 – ADOPT – 6 friendlies, 4 ferals, 5 males, 5 females. Two of the ferals are from a neighborhood that is being knocked down for even more industrial area and will be relocated to a more hospitable location.

Wanted to take more time off but the cats won’t let us – still have more kittens on hand. Next trip is 12/22.

Totals: November - 45; December - 33; 2023 - 916; since 2007 - 14,868!

There's also two on the front seat! 6 & 4, there's always MORE!


6 ferals and 2 friendlies today!
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