New Coronavirus in Cats in Greece

The headline of this article implies that cats from Greece have Covid, upon reading the body of the article you learn that it is a new coronavirus, similar to what causes FIP. Just in case this takes off in the media, the symptoms involved should always be watched for in kittens and cats. Viruses change frequently, as we have seen recently in dogs as well.

This article has a less alarming title and has much more information. Including both articles to show what is going to be out there in the media.

WoofTrax Instead of ResQWalk

ResQWalk is no more. WoofTrax will donate the same benefits to Feral Fixers and while the focus is on dog organizations, we are a listed charity as well. Take a walk, be healthy, do it for Feral Fixers!

You Need to Adopt One of Our Furry Friends!

- Saturday, 12/2, 11am-3pm, PetSmart in Finley Square (1550 Butterfield Rd, Downers Grove)

- Saturday, 12/16, 11am-3pm, Feral Fixers building

This Thanksgiving, think about how much a new furry friend (or two) would add to your enjoyment of the holiday. Use the “Want to Adopt” link on our Home Page and start the pre-approval process. We had 8+ adoptions this past week but a feral, last intact female from a long-term location – gave birth to at least 4 kittens while at the building awaiting surgery – she is so tiny, we had no idea, we say “at least” because she was moved into a feral cat den and may have had one more for a total of 5 after moving. Our count may be down to 100 kittens – it is a moving target as you can see! Help us make more space available by adopting our wonderful cats! Share with friends and family and come visit!

Add Another 16 TNRs

On 11/17 – ADOPT – 5 ferals, 10 friendlies, 5 males, 10 females. Of the ferals, 3 came from hoarder house that the residents suffered from dementia and at one time had 20 cats, 1 feral was the mom had given birth right before we trapped her, has spent the last six weeks in foster but has not decided she wanted to stay in a home, the fifth feral had been avoiding a trap for months. All five were relocated as Working Cats to have better lives than from where they came.

On 11/20 – DCAS – one friendly male had shown up too late for last week’s s/n trip and our next opportunity will be on 12/1 – too long to wait! DCAS was able to squeeze him in. Hartman is a sturdy orange tabby who unfortunately was outside long enough to acquire FIV but has no symptoms as of yet. When he gets those hormones fully out of his system, he will be a lovely cat – right now, in between trying to escape from his crate, he makes happy paws constantly.

Next trip 12/1 and do NOT plan on any ferals, still neutering kittens on hand!

Numbers for November - 44, 2023 – 882, since our start 14,834!


The 10 friendlies and the 5 ferals going in on 11/17 and Hartman awaiting his move from a trap into an empty crate.


Hartman was the single cat sent to DCAS today. Made a huge difference in his life!


Pic of tick found on Hartman prior to his neuter trip. Treated with Frontline+ even before his surgery. 4th cat found with mature ticks in last two weeks - weird for November!

Happy Thanksgiving!

After Thanksgiving, there is Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday and then our Black Cat Giving Tuesday! Our annual fundraiser on Giving Tuesday is a celebration of all of the black and black/white cats that we help each year. Percentage of all coat colors is down a little this year – is it a trend? Are we having an impact on the genetic makeup of the feral cat population? We have donors who like to see their donation grow and Black Cat Giving Tuesday is the opportunity for that to happen. We have $24,000 pledged at this time and hope to match that number – by far the most aggressive amount we’ve attempted but you may have noticed that we’ve been soooo busy we haven’t had a lot of fundraisers this year! This fundraiser starts 12:01AM Tuesday morning (11/28) and ends 12/31/23 at 12:00PM. Most charities use Giving Tuesday as a one-day event, we fundraise the whole month, giving people plenty of time to participate although we hope you will join in quickly and show others what a worth-while organization Feral Fixers is! We love seeing the pictures on the Giving Grid, many alumni, many heartfelt stories. Whether your donation is $5 or $500, it all goes to support our endeavors for all of the cats we care for in the coming year. Thank you to all of our donors as we could not do this without you!

Frosty Claws Is Coming

Once again, it is time for Frosty Claws - this year it's on Sunday, January 14th from 12noon to 4PM. Soon you will be able to sign up to reserve your spot. This will be our 14th year and after 14 years we will finally be raising our entry donation to $15 in advance (by January 9th) and $20 at the door. Join us for food, beverages, boutique, Silent Auction, door prizes, raffles and the company of fellow cat lovers! We welcome donations for our fundraisers, please contact Tammy, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to donate new or antique items – by mid-December would be very helpful as we often run out of time before we run out of possible items! We hope to see you there, it is wonderful to once again see the people we’ve helped over the years! Watch out for more info soon!

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