Winter Is Coming

The phone is still ringing as people realize that winter is coming. So many are worried the cats are going to die. The reality is that cats seek out spots where they can be warm enough to get thru til Spring. Under decks and porches, the foundation of a house can stay 50 degrees even tho it is freezing out there. They grow thick winter coats – if a cat is sitting in a trap on a table in TNR and you lift the trap and feel the table – it can be hot to the touch. If ferals were all going to die from the cold, we would need an entirely new crop every year. The cold can be the last straw if they already have health challenges. Continue to provide good quality food with a high fat content – using kitten food can help – and provide water. There are DIY ways to keep water from freezing for several hours, same with canned food to keep their fluid levels up.

Speaking of the phone – in order for people to hear the outgoing message, many calls are going to voice mail. Trying to keep it from being full, please be patient. Six calls a day is an average, just imagine talking to each person, the outgoing message answers many questions from the start. Repeating – we have to slow down and take as much of a break as we can with trapping at this time of year.

Facebook Makes Things More Difficult

We’ve had great donations with Facebook Fundraisers. Facebook has changed the way they manage the money – now they send it thru PayPal and have removed the ability to see who donated. Previously, those funds would be part of your yearly donation and you would receive a tax letter from us that included those amounts. We’ve complained to Facebook but it looks like you will have to keep track of your donations made in this manner yourself. If we discover additional information, we can let you know, but even if you tell us you did, there is no way for us to verify currently. Looks like PayPal will be sending you a receipt separately from us.

Cats Are Obligate Carnivores

According to the New World Encyclopedia:

“An obligate carnivore (or true carnivore) is an animal that must eat meat in order to thrive (Syufy 2008). They may eat other foods, such as fruits, honey, grains, and so forth, but meat must be included in their diet. Try to feed food with fewer non-meat ingredients and food dyes.

Another 41!

On 10/26 – DCAS – 4 friendly, 26 feral, 14 male, 16 female. Cats hide illnesses so well, two ferals were euthanized when it was discovered during surgery that they were FIV+ and symptomatic with stomatitis and infected tonsils, so glad they are no longer in pain.

On 10/27, ADOPT – 9 friendly, 2 feral, 4 male, 7 female. Part of the friendlies were a fostered litter of 6, next day the 7th kitten from that location was trapped! She will hopefully join her siblings soon as she is very lonely without them.

Two adult friendly males went to WSHS for adoption, one from each of these trips! They were also able to take in a litter of 5 six week olds at the same time – that helps so much!

Numbers for October – 135, 2023 – 838, since start – 14,790!

30 cats in all, ready for 10/26 morning trip with crates of friendlies waiting for neuter and movement to Cats in Transition cages in the next room.

Upcoming Adoption Events

- Saturday, 11/4, 11am-3pm, PetSmart in Finley Square Shopping Center (1550 Butterfield Rd, Downers Grove)

- Saturday, 11/18, 11am-3pm, Feral Fixers building

- Saturday, 12/2, 11am-3pm, PetSmart in Finley Square Shopping Center (1550 Butterfield Rd, Downers Grove)

- Saturday, 12/16, 11am-3pm, Feral Fixers building

Click on our “Want To Adopt” link on our home page and get pre-approved. This week 8 more kittens found their way to us, we’re doing our best, but resources are limited with us, and every rescue and we cannot take in all of them. Help us make more space available and adopt our wonderful cats! Many kittens are 4 – 5 months and we know so much about them which can be a bonus when adopting! Share with friends and family and come visit!

There are two bowls of food in there - 5 kittens mobbing the bowls. These guys went to WSHS last week!

What Is That Cat Saying?

Scientists have studied feline facial expressions – discovering almost 300 unique combinations used to communicate their feelings and reactions to each other and to us!

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