The World Is Getting Smaller

Caretaker contacted us, volunteer facilitated trapping, Dusty was spayed on Thursday. No indication of nursing, etc., no notes on paperwork. Dusty was picked up and released Saturday morning. Got a call from someone with screaming kittens under her deck but was not going to be home for the next few hours. Realizing it was the same street, checked with original caretaker, who walked down to the neighbor’s house and there they were, with the mom! She backed away, still on the phone with me, went to the Ring doorbell and to shorten the story, they are going to work together and with Feral Fixers to get the kittens trapped! It is such a small world, and it is wonderful to find such caring people, willing to do their best to help these cats! And, they had never met before, so this is building neighborhood relations!

Pet Food Packaging Recycling

Have you felt guilty for the negative effect feeding cats can have on the environment? Here is a new program instrumented by Pet Supplies Plus that will hopefully be the first of many in the pet food industry! We already recycle the hundreds and hundreds of metal cans we end up with. Looking forward to recycling the bags from dry and it looks like those gravy food & treat packets can be recycled too!!! Uh-oh, guess we need yet another recycling bin at the building!

Wetumka Cat Ladies Update

Looking in the archives, came across this story from last Summer. Here’s the current state of affairs. Unfortunate that these two people are now scared of the police and unable to care for the cats with this hanging over their heads. Sheesh.

Another 33

10/12 – DCAS – 18 ferals, 2 friendlies, 11 females, 9 males. Some of these cats came from a really tough area, one female died during surgery – had an unknown chronic respiratory condition going on and could not be revived when crashed.

10/13 – ADOPT – 13 ferals, 1 friendly, 8 females, 6 male. One female was already spayed and chipped – no eartip and was so overweight that we thought might be pregnant – nope, just very well fed. Getting her back to her owner who knew she was out but expected her to come back like the other times. They do that, until they don’t. She now has an eartip which will speed up the process of looking for a microchip should she be out and about in the future.

68 for October so far, 771 for 2023 and 14,723 since 2007!

When we have 30 slots available, we may hold cats for more than one day prior to their trip - cats for Thursday and Friday await.

We’re Getting There!

FYI – we currently have over 100 cats/kittens on hand – 43 are posted on Petfinder and some still to be neutered but all wonderful. Saturday, October 21st is our next Adoption Day at 330 Eisenhower Ln N, Lombard 11 – 3pm!

Don’t Forget to Put on Your Calendar

Fan of haunted houses? 2301 Apache Ln, Woodridge, has been the site of many a haunted house! Feral Fixers has been chosen as the designated charity for donations this year. We helped the residents TNR their feral and they were so happy with us! Check out the flyer, the “cemetery” display is on 10/27, 10/28 & 10/31, weather permitting. Have a great time!

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