Toxins In Your House?

We rely on the EPA, FDA, testing laboratories, etc. and bring things into our homes that actually can be very toxic for animals. This article mentions fly bait, okay, that sounds expected! But what about those medications and ointments and supplements that you don’t think of? Take a look at this article from the ASPCA - If your cat grooms you and you’ve used a topical lotion or leaving a pill out on the nightstand to take first thing in the morning and your cat bats it off, plays with it, licks it – you never know!


There are times when you encounter some really great people and have to give a shout out in appreciation! Our appliances and building needed a checkup and had a thorough inspection. And they found that we needed pest control.

They came quickly – same day, who does that? – and we have complete confidence in them!

Purrs Still Inconclusive

Research continues on how/why cats purr. They really are unique creatures and will probably remain a mystery forever. 

2023 Raffle Results

Winners of the 2023 Raffle were very happy with their prizes! Everyone is so busy these days, we just handed over the last prizes yesterday! The raffle raised over $6,000 for Feral Fixers – we are so grateful to the participants!

Winners of the 2023 Raffle - 

  • #1 - Living in Dupage! - Therese
  • #2 - Pigs Everywhere! - Alan
  • #3 - Get Outside! - Corinna
  • #4 - Fly Away! - Jennifer
  • #5 - It's A Party! - Alan
  • #6 - Coffee Time! - Melissa
  • #7 - Cats, Cats and More Cats Quilt - Cindy

Many thanks to everyone who participated in the 2023 Raffle!  Thank you to our donors of prizes!  Hope you all enjoyed the opportunity!"

October Is Always A Big Month

Last week a cat was trapped, might have been pregnant, not always easy to tell. Yep, 4 babies were there in the morning! Grammy and her kittens are in our Caturnity room, doing well. Grammy only eats at night, when it is super quiet but puts away a LOT! We had another blessed event from the same location two months ago and have done 7 other cats in that time. Grammy seems to be the last one for now.


10/5 – DCAS – 12 ferals, 18 friendlies, 10 females, 20 males. One of the feral males had a large growth on his elbow – taken care of and he should be fine!

10/6 – ADOPT – 2 ferals, 3 friendlies, 3 female, 2 males. ADOPT took the three friendlies in for adoption! Yay!

35 for October, 738 for 2023 and 14,690 since 2007! Think we can do another 262 before the end of the year?

The pile of fosters when they came back from surgery 10/5. Loaded up and ready to go on 10/6.


Over and over, we have found that 12 traps fit on two banquet tables! 10/5 ferals.

National Feral Cat Day - Update

Due to unforeseen circumstances we’ve had to scale back National Feral Cat Day.

On Sunday, October 15th from 12 to 3pm, 330 Eisenhower Ln N, Lombard, join us for our bake sale and Boutique sale (t-shirts+).   Donations from our Wish List will be gratefully accepted!  Socialize with other cat people!  Hope to see you there!  If you would like to contribute to our Bake Sale, please contact Sue Zorn at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   630-661-8509.

Apache Cemetery Haunted House

Fan of haunted houses? 2301 Apache Ln, Woodridge, has been the site of many a haunted house! Feral Fixers has been chosen as the designated charity for donations this year. We helped the residents TNR their feral and they were so happy with us! Check out the flyer, the “cemetery” display is on 10/27, 10/28 & 10/31, weather permitting. Have a great time!

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