More August

  • 8/18 - ADOPT – 9 friendlies, 6 ferals, 2 males, 13 females. Yowza, what a difference in one trip!
  • 8/22 - GEAH – 1 feral female that was already spayed, she had been cared for by an elderly woman who went into a facility and there were no records available. We are waiting to see if she decides to be friendly afterall. When they are alone in a quiet house for years, it can take a toll.
  • 8/25 – ADOPT – 7 friendlies, 4 ferals, 4 males, 7 females. The ferals were older kittens that simply would not become friendly. There were too many cats in the colony they came from, luckily Working Cats had locations available that preferred younger cats!

August total: 95, 2023 total 566, since 2007 we’ve neutered 14,518 cats!

On 8/17, in the process of getting the cats ready for the next days’ trip in for s/n and suddenly hear the eek-eek of kittens. This was Ernie, giving birth in the middle of the day! She was supposed to be a male so this was a complete surprise. She had two kittens, both are doing very well! Some cats, you cannot tell that they are pregnant, some can appear to be just about to explode and there is an additional two week wait. Cats!

Another 11 cats going to ADOPT 8/25. 15 cats all in a row for 8/18 trip to ADOPT.

Ain't nothin' like holding newborns...

Back Steps

We’ve been receiving lots of compliments on the improvement to the back steps – landscaping now finished – Yay! So much easier to get in and out of the building! Our donors make a difference in so many ways!

Landscaping fixed around back steps.

New railing on new back steps.

Feral Fixers 2023 Raffle

Reminder: The Feral Fixers 2023 Raffle started 8/15 and goes to midnight 9/15. You can purchase tickets online or mail-in but the deadline is September 15th no matter the method of submission. Drawing 9/20. Just takes one ticket to win a prize!

15th Anniversary Event

The 15th Anniversary Event is on October 1st, at the Double Tree Suites by Hilton at 2111 Butterfield Rd, Downers Grove. And, showing how short of time we are, we will be almost into our 16th year at that point – official date of Feral Fixers’ creation is October 8th, 2007. We will also be over our 14,000th cat and well on our way towards 15,000! Event will be 12:30 – 4pm , with a Deli Board buffet from 1pm to 3pm, catered by Double Tree. Sign up by 9/25/23 – registration in advance, please. Hope to see you there!

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