Lack Of Resources

If you call and we don’t respond, please know that it isn’t because we don’t care or are horrible people. The opposite is true. In my case, telling desperate caretakers that we cannot help them due to lack of spay/neuter, is really getting me down. Looking at 16 kittens spread amongst 6 crates in the TNR room, awaiting becoming handleable and space in our Cats In Transition Room and then on to a foster – it is getting to be too much. July and August have always been bad, this year is worse in many ways. To think that kittens now have to grow up to be 4 months, neutered and returned when previously we were able to nab them at 6 weeks and have them go on to have happy homes is beyond frustrating. All due to lack of resources. Not enough veterinarians or techs. We are fighting an extremely steep, uphill battle.

Something to think about. Back when there was so much opposition to TNR, residents showed up at village board meetings, contacted their alderman, etc. For the most part, villages, counties, police departments have backed off and it’s a “don’t ask, don’t tell” environment out there with many actually recommending TNR. For one thing, they realized they did not have the money to pursue residents and fine them. Yay! But now they need to step forward with their organizational abilities, their empty buildings and help by coordinating spay days. Villages and counties have many vacant buildings, just sitting there, using utilities, wasting space. They have employees with great skills that could further help the public in uncommon ways. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Contact your local representative, go to village meetings. People’s lives are being affected due to their inability to neuter their cats, whether they are inside or outside cats. National organizations are conducting spayathons across the country in low-income areas but unfortunately, soon, we are all going to be in the same boat, no matter the income level of the area.

Feral Fixers is about spay/neuter, reducing overpopulation and euthanasia of cats. There are plenty of other problems right now that are not about cats, those problems need attention too, but if we have the means to solve even a part of this one issue, shouldn’t we? Maybe it would help more than the cats as resources are used in the best way possible and everyone learns. Soapbox for August!

Declawing Ban passes the Illinois House

Somehow the passage of the declawing ban by the Illinois House zipped by me! Yay!

Example Of How Cats Move Around The Country On Their Own

A recent, clear example of how cats are transporting themselves around the country and end up in industrial areas and businesses – two kittens hitched a ride from Georgia to Oswego IL.

August Is a Long Month

  • 8/1 – GEAH – 1 friendly female who was born with a tail issue – tail amputation and spay in the same trip, she’s doing great! Skipped mentioning her on last blog.
  • 8/10 – DCAS – 15 friendlies, 10 ferals, 12 females, 13 males. #25 arrived late on Wednesday but still made the trip!
  • 8/11 – ADOPT – 5 friendlies, 6 ferals, 5 females, 6 males. ADOPT was kind enough to squeeze 11 into 10 slots scheduled 😊.

August total 69, year to date 540, since 2007 we’ve neutered 14,492 cats!

Two vehicles for 25 cats to DCAS on 8/10.

This is the TNR room 8/13/23 AM.  Six crates holding 16 kittens.  Getting friendlier - this is before they were fed, so they are much more animated!  Monday, 8 kittens were moved to Cats In Transition, on their way to foster as the next step after that.  Just a small fraction of the kittens we have helped so far this year and the reason we are in constant need of fosters.

PetSmart Adoption Event – August 19th 11am – 3pm

We’re working on the list of adoptables that are going to be at the Adoption Event. Adoptions happen all the time, we won’t be sure who will be there until the night before. Fill out an adoption application in advance or just stop in on Saturday 8/19 11 – 3, at the Downers Grove PetSmart. Hope to see you there!

Feral Fixers 2023 Raffle

Please check out our website, the Feral Fixers 2023 Raffle started 8/15 and goes to midnight 9/15. You can purchase tickets online or mail-in but the deadline is September 15th no matter the method of submission. Drawing 9/20. Check out the variety of items!

Anniversary Event

We will have our 15th Anniversary Event on October 1st, at the Double Tree Suites by Hilton at 2111 Butterfield Rd, Downers Grove. And, showing how short of time we are, we will be almost into our 16th year at that point – the official date of Feral Fixers’ creation is October 8th, 2007. We will also be over our 14,000th cat and well on our way towards 15,000! The event will be 12 noon 12:30pm – 4pm, with a Deli Board buffet from 1pm to 3pm, catered by Double Tree. We will have more details posted soon be sure to put this on your calendar!!!

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