We’re still trying to catch up with the feral locations that have contacted us and the dozens and dozens of kittens that are now old enough for s/n.

7/14 – ADOPT – 4 friendlies, 1 feral, all 5 were males. In the mix was Kuzya, with an unusual story – he was trapped at an industrial park and was chipped to someone in Colorado Springs. While traveling thru the area, Kuzya got out and did not come back. Over a month later, we trapped him, found the chip, contacted the owner who said he would come back for him as soon as he could. He did but in the meantime we found that Kuzya had not been neutered – no wonder he did not come back. Then the owner shared that was leaving the country for 3+ months, could we “hold” him. He had thought he could get on a plane at the end of the week with the cat with no idea of the international regulations for moving a cat across the world. There were no other options for Kuzya’s care. We asked that he surrender Kuzya to Feral Fixers, including neutering and placing for adoption and if he has not been adopted by October and if he returns to this country, and his life is stable, Kuzya could go back to him. While he was out and about, Kuzya became FIV+ as well. He is a quiet, thoughtful boy with turquoise eyes who counts on a daily dose of catnip, highlight of his day. We want him to put on some more weight, it would be great if we could find a foster for this fella and a home in which he would never be at risk of being outside again.

7/20 – DCAS – 30 ferals, 1 previously neutered male, 1 previously spayed female, euthanized 1 female that was in terrible condition, 12 males, 15 females. What a day!

7/21 – ADOPT – 9 friendlies, 1 feral, 5 males, 5 females. We went back and forth on the feral, she was giving mixed signals about being friendly but she wasn’t being clear enough. While at ADOPT she must have liked the vibe and made it clear she wanted to stay there so they did take her in for adoption – yay!

Net: July to date 68, 2023 total 425, since 2007 we’ve neutered 14,377. How many will we do by the end of the year?

Cats for 7/20/23 - if you count, there are more than 30 traps lined up but some of those have cats going to a relocation site and of course, kittens already in crates, waiting to go to Cats In Transition and foster. One busy room!!!

Don’t Have to Attend an Adoption Event

While it can be helpful to see a large number of our adoptables at an event, attendance is not a requirement. You can fill out an adoption application at any time, let our adoption counselors know what you are looking for, work together to see who might be a good fit in our foster homes, and appointments can be arranged to meet and greet, usually at our building. Seeing 20 kittens in one place at one time can be overwhelming and a decision can be difficult to make. We need adopters in order to allow us to continue to bring in cats and kittens from the outdoors. Without enough adopters, how can we save more? What will happen to those kittens we cannot take in? While we are working so hard to neuter and prevent more, adoptions are needed as part of the process. Please share our cat posts, let your friends and family know about our wonderful cats and kittens!

Another New Project at The Building

We use the single back door to the building quite a bit. The landing has been awkward, when your arms are full the door swings wide enough that your balance can be lost, it just doesn’t work well. And the steps are a weird height. Next week, that will be corrected. The landing will be extended, steps will be added at both sides of the landing and a railing for safety. Also, the sidewalk squares that have been a trip hazard will be replaced, pitch should be improved to reduce ice formation, etc. The process will be a definite inconvenience but will pay off so much in safety! Can’t wait to share pictures! Building improvements are very important. Another way we use our Fund Our Ferals’ Future donations!

Adopt A Pet Adoption Story

We hear from alumni all the time about how happy they are with their new family members. Please submit your cat adoption stories for a chance for Feral Fixers to win a $5K grant. Each story must include our organization’s name and #catdaysofsummer to qualify as a grant entry. Adoption stories deadline is 8/7. The more stories submitted; the more likely Feral Fixers is to win the grant! Please fill out the submission form completely, including telling a good story with a good photo.

Two Bostons Shop & Share

On the weekend of 8/25 to 8/27, shop at any area Two Bostons and mention Feral Fixers! Two Bostons will donate 20% of your purchase to us! Put it in your calendar now - life moves pretty fast, don’t miss it. They would love to write us a big donation check!

Expansion Has Been Needed for So Long At DCAS!

DuPage County Animal Services has not been expanded since being built in 1977, while the County population and the animals it cares for has grown. The number of households in DuPage County has increased by 300,000 since 1977.

County Board shows their support for DCAS growth!

DuPage Animal Friends Board 7/18 DCAS groundbreaking ceremony.

Laura Flamion, Operations Manager digs in!
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