If you know a veterinarian who is speedy with s/n surgeries – we need them! We are backlogged on kitten surgeries and there are dozens and dozens of ferals that are waiting to be TNR’d. Everyone in Rescue is overwhelmed and needs more resources = surgeries. We get calls because the TNR group in the caller’s area is not responding – completely understandable, we are all trying to hold onto our mental health and that may mean ignoring the phone for an entire day or more! We are all volunteers trying to maintain our personal lives the best we can, and face being consumed by our efforts. Feral Fixers receives calls from Palatine to Plainfield, Maple Park to Berwyn. Posts on social media say, “call Feral Fixers, they’ll help.” We do not have enough volunteers to cope with the calls and have had to be very firm to stay only in DuPage County. There are pockets of huge numbers that we have TNR’d that are on the border of DuPage, and we don’t want them to get out of control again – one of the many factors we have to consider as we make decisions every day. Truly, there are times when one more phone call… At one time our s/n slots seemed only limited by the number of trappers we had to fill them, not so any longer. We need you all to know what is happening without being too negative! We are doing our best and appreciate our supporters so much!

How we tempt kittens to eat; Churu on right, baby food in center and Authority on left - ate Churu & baby food, nibbled Authority.

Our Efforts

  • 6/23 – ADOPT – 8 friendlies, 7 ferals, 7 males, 8 females. This trip included the cat that had the sump pump drain section tuck on his head removed a week before – med notes “Healing great!”
  • 6/29 – DCAS – 14 friendlies, 16 feral, 9 males, 21 females. Many different locations.
  • 6/30 – ADOPT – 10 friendlies, 6 males, 4 females.
  • 7/7 – ADOPT – 7 friendlies, 3 ferals, 4 males, 6 females.
  • 7/7 – DCAS – 15 friendlies, 7 males, 8 females. Between two locations on same day – 21 kittens!
  • 7/12 – GEAH – 1 injured male feral, leg swollen but should heal okay, wounds fine with a Convenia shot.

Net: June total 124, July to date 26, 2023 total 383, since our start 14,335. Will another 617 be possible to achieve by the end of the year?

11 of the kittens that were neutered at DCAS 7/7/23. Out of chaos and disarray - 15 cats awaiting their trip to get neutered.

4 more for DCAS & 10 for ADOPT on 7/7. 6/29, two vehicles, 30 cats, they all fit!

Upcoming Adoption Event

Check out our Facebook posts prior to our next adoption event, Saturday, 7/22 11 - 3 – we may not get all of the kittens posted on Petfinder, Facebook can be more current. This should be a very busy event as we have several dozen kittens that will be ready for adoption. We can’t possibly have them all there at once, so please check out our Adoption Page, fill out adoption applications in advance, let our people know your interests and lifestyle so we can find the right match for you! Kittens are not always the best fit for every household, please check out our several adults that we know so much about.

Houdini is looking for his very special family.

New Project at the Building

When the ramp on the back of the building was finished, cat activity took off! The timbers were such a mess, but we just couldn’t get to resolution. This last week the timbers and the downspout were taken care of – one more project off the list!

Back-of-the-building timbers & downspout project now taken care of - they needed repair!
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