Working Hard!

On 06/01/23 we sent 15 cats to DCAS, 3 friendlies, 12 ferals. Unfortunately, what we thought was a simple foot injury was actually a completely missing foot for one of the ferals that was infected and would need a leg amputation which is so very hard on ferals, requiring long term treatment and isolation. We opted for euthanasia.

On 6/2/23, 10 ferals went to ADOPT. One female was the mom of the 7 kittens, a very sweet cat. ADOPT asked if they could intake her, so Marie will be up for adoption sometime soon at ADOPT.

This brings us to 24 for June, 257 for 2023 and 14,209 since our start.

Yep, 10 more ferals for 6/2 15 cats for 6/1 = 3 friendly, 12 feral - See those crates in the back? Kittens.

We need Fosters!

We have a lot of fosters. But never enough. They all cannot foster all year, all at the same time. With the volume of kittens on hand and still coming, WE NEED MORE! Please consider fostering these beautiful, sweet kittens and ensure that we can keep bringing them in and finding them safe, permanent homes. Please fill out our Foster application and help us make a DIFFERENCE!

Four more that need fostering. These kittens are almost 5 weeks old, came in Saturday. Put in a crate and they have surprisingly small heads - two escaped thru bars of crate right away. We're trying to resolve that but in the meantime they are housed in a very large transfer trap - they can't get thru openings that are an inch square!

Seven! Buff & orange and everything in between. One litter, one of the reasons we need more fosters! And NO, they are not ready for adoption, weeks to go before that can be, but they need a temporary home in between now and then. Are you the right home to foster the Darby kittens. Or half of them?
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