Happy Mother’s Day!

Celebrate those cat moms! Feline family members are so important to so many and there are some great cat moms out there who work tirelessly to care for cats, inside and out. What would we do without them? Thank you to our fosters, trappers, transporters, donors, who enable us to make the world better for the cats in our care!


  • On 4/28, 4 ferals and 2 friendlies went to ADOPT, 4 females, 2 males.
  • On 5/4, we sent 20 ferals to DCAS, 9 females, 11 males. Including a cat abandoned at the vet’s office – so traumatized he was neutered as a feral and relocated to be an office cat at an automotive shop where he can have as much or as little contact as he wishes.
  • On 5/5, 4 ferals and 1 friendly went to ADOPT, 2 females, 3 males. ADOPT found one male to be so adoptable that they transferred him into their adoption program!
  • On 5/12, we sent 9 ferals to ADOPT, 4 females, 5 males. An additional female gave birth overnight to SIX kittens and all are doing well. This trip included two moms from the moms & babies we’ve brought in so far this year – neither wanted to become inside cats and will be returned to their colonies.
  • This brings us to 78 for April, 34 surgeries so far in May, 207 for 2023 and 14,159 since our start in 2007. 793 more until we reach our goal of 1,000 in 2023!

Many thanks to DuPage County Animal Services and ADOPT Pet Shelter for making a difference!

20+ because we have some on hand for 5/5 trip already!

6 cats for 04/28 trip to ADOPT One more yet to arrive for 5/12 trip

Newspapers Needed

With the volume of cats, we need more newspapers! We cover the tables in TNR, we use them in the traps and go thru so many. Picture 20 cats on hand, guessing 100 newspaper sheets to cover the table and then at least another 100 sheets to go in the traps which get cleaned out and replaced one to four times during their stay of 2 – 4 days. Don’t want them sitting on gross newspaper while they wait for surgery or recover from. To make it easiest for us – if you could bag newspapers in brown paper grocery bags and leave by front door – don’t want to annoy neighbors with newspapers blowing around, or if you have a big load, contact us to arrange. Some people tie them with twine, just so they are secure, plastic bags don’t seem to be big enough. Have you noticed sale papers do not absorb? If you could recycle those yourself, that would also be helpful. We have found that the Wall Street Journal is the most absorbent – just a little unusual information! We want to keep the cats clean and dry while in our care – please help!

Rupert was abandoned at vet's office. So scared, buries his litter box all the time! Hope he will be happier at new relo site!

Kitten Food Needed

It increases daily but we have 50? kittens among our moms & babies and 19? kittens in foster without moms. We feed kitten food to the nursing moms and then as the kittens eat on their own, they get kitten food for the extra nutrients, Friskies canned kitten and Iams dry kitten (purple bag). They transition to Friskies canned later on, usually. You can imagine we will be going thru a LOT. Check out our Chewy and Amazon wish lists (there are two, our "Wish List" and our "Wish List 2023" - which we're continuing to work on). Since AmazonSmile is no more, we hope you will consider purchasing something for us from one or more of these lists. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

Elektra gave birth to SIX babies. Cat next to her stole her towel, probably wanted to share the kittens as well. Family now in the Caturnity Room and going to foster soon!


The weather did not get really cold for long-term in the last few months – we will have ticks on the cats! The season starts with seed ticks, the first stage which are the size of the head of a straight pin. Here’s more info. Good nutrition can go a long way towards preventing parasites both skin and internal. Most oral tick preventatives for cats are only available thru vet prescription. Let us know if you find an option to share with other caretakers!

Speaking of AmazonSmile

Our most recent check from AmazonSmile for 1/1/23 to 2/20/23 was for $356.58 which would mean that purchases were made totaling over $71,000! There will be one more check which averages another 3 month period and then it is gone. Thank you all for the big push at the end of the program!

Wolcott says, "Happy Mother's Day!" to all the cat moms out there!

Clicking on the picture of Wolcott will bring you to his Petfinder page with more photos and a video

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