Un-Break Continues

On 3/10 we sent a total of 15 cats to ADOPT. One male had been previously trapped a year and a half ago and had terrible mats – ADOPT was kind enough to sedate and brush out the mats – he didn’t have to be shaved! There were 6 females and 9 males. One of the males had a head wound, we treated and held for a week, he was doing great – some unknown reason he passed while in recovery – he had been doing so well! His caretaker is very sad. Also in this trip were 3 more cats from the barn situation, bringing that location total to 25 cats, 14 of which were females.

Total for March is at 18, total for 2023 is 49 and we have now reached 14,001!

Our first milestone cat was #5,000 in 2013, Culv Meadow. 10 years and 9,000 cats later we have Hitz Honey #14,000!, a 4 year old, many times a mom feral.

Thank you for your help in getting us here!

Not her idea!

Ready to go...

Masked... Draped...

Hitz Honey - #14,000!

Best Friends Seminar

On 3/9, DuPage Animal Services hosted a seminar for local law enforcement presented by representatives from Best Friends Animal Society. Focus was interacting with the public and animals. I was able to attend the Community Cats & Wildlife segments and learned some new things.

For those with neighbors who do not want cats in their yard, suggest the Motion activated solar powered sprinkler or the solar powered motion activated ultrasonic animal repeller to retrain the animals to stay out of their yards.

I also learned that racoons have a different sort of roundworms that are extremely toxic to humans – be sure to wash traps and be extremely careful if you encounter raccoon feces – I had never heard of this!

In addition, I was able to meet 3 different PD employees in person and hope to develop lines of communication with them that we had not had previously! Very grateful to DCAS for inviting me to attend!

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