Veterinarian Shortage

From an article from the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine:

“Petco Love is making the internship possible with a $510,000 grant to train two interns each year for three years. The organization, which invests in animal shelters, spay-neuter programs, disaster responses, and programs to help keeps pets with their families, has observed first-hand how the shrinking veterinary workforce is leaving the most vulnerable organizations without critically needed care. The internship program is designed to start filling those gaps with practice-ready veterinarians who can step in and make a difference right away.”

This is a great benefit and is definitely a move in the right direction. Keep in mind that nation-wide, it has been estimated that we are lacking 15,000 veterinarians.

Latest from Smile

We received our latest donation for the time period 10/1/22 to 12/31/22 - $696.30! We will still receive the donations from money spent from 1/1/23 to 2/20/23 and a bonus based on a 3 month average. So many donors have expressed their frustration with the removal of this way of showing support. We are searching for additional alternatives, we will keep you posted. Check out whether your company has a matching charity program, there are those who match twice your donation. Look into an automatic monthly donation thru your checking or PayPal.

You can also donate to us using Zelle - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. These donations are immediately posted to our bank account. Please enter your physical address in the Memo field in order to receive a tax donation letter from us as it is not collected automatically.

Our goal is to make donations as easy as possible! Thank you all for your generosity!

Break? Not So Much

On 1/30, our last friendly kitten of 2022 was neutered at DCAS. Edward was promptly adopted by his foster, she could not let him go!

On 2/23, we sent 23 ferals to DCAS. 15 females, 8 males. These came from a barn location and were able to be returned to the barn and stay warm, no matter what weather came our way. This means we averted a minimum of 60 kittens being born - 15 x 4 (avg litter size). We have GOT to get ahead this year. Cats are doing well as of this writing. Can’t wait for reliable, over 30 degree temperatures and surgery slots!

2/27, a feral male went to Glen Ellyn Animal Hospital with a severe eye injury. Usually, it is very difficult to put a one-eyed cat back outside. His caretakers wanted to try bringing him inside, so he did have potential support, he tested negative and was very healthy otherwise so we went ahead with eye removal. He did not magically become friendly, so we will see how he does in the next few weeks at their home.

On 3/2, 4 friendly male kittens went to DCAS, all born in December, cats do not watch the calendar!

This brings us to 7 for January, 24 for February and 4 for March so far, 35 for 2023 and a grand total of 13,987 since our start in 2007. So close to 14,000!

23 cats, warm & ready to go for s/n! Edward is ready for his neuter trip!

Kittens arrived Wednesday afternoon for neuter on Thursday 3/2, so spent the night in crates in TNR

Feral Cat Care

We provide care for the ferals outside – who else? This can be wounds, worms, Upper Respiratory and more. Sometimes it is a difficult decision that must be made. Wanted to share Smokey’s story – he was TNR’d in 2019. We were contacted by his caretaker that he was not breathing well and she had managed to get him into her garage, volunteer trapper Cheri got him into a trap and on 2/20 he went for exam. First step was to get the infection under control so he got injectable antibiotics. Back to the building, his coat was soooo thick with mats, uncomfortable, so grooming was needed! An hour of using a Furminator resulted in a cat sized pile of fur! On 2/28 he went to have his sinuses scoped to make sure he did not have a polyp and he is clear. He may be susceptible to breathing issues as a result of being FIV+. Loves tummy rubs and will be going to foster soon on his road to adoption.

Fluffy boy Smokey! All of this came from Smokey after just one hour of Furminating! He will need upkeep but luckily enjoys it!
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