As the majority of the kittens Feral Fixers rescued in 2022 have found homes (Yay!), our adoption focus is shifting to a few delightful fall kittens, some terrific teenagers (7 mos+) and several wonderful adult cats.  The 2/18 adoption event at our building featured 4 fall kittens (Midget, Praline & Pringles, Tinkerbelle), 2 teenagers (Catey & Callahan), and 5 adult cats (Elvis, Jujube, Leo, Matthew, Melvin).

While there was only one adoption at the event, it was an adoption worth celebrating, as Matthew, our most senior cat at age 9 yrs, found a loving and quiet home with a terrific couple from Hanover Park.  Congratulations, Matthew!

This means we have several adult cats, teenagers and a few fall kittens still seeking forever homes.  We hope to fulfill those dreams within the next couple of months before the flood of spring kittens arrives.  So we need your help!

Several of our available kittens & teenagers are bonded pairs - Catey & Callahan, Dansk & Devine, Dolce & Tutti, Praline & Pringles, Sophia & Sunny.  Bonded pairs have the advantage of having a built-in playmate who will keep each other happy while you are away at work.  You know they will get along, as they have grown up together.  Two cats is also double the fun without much additional work!

Adult cats have the advantage of having a fully developed personality, so you clearly know what the kitty you are adopting is like.  Among our 8 adult cats currently available (Elvis, Houdini, Jujube, Kashi, Leo, Madrid, Melvin, Wynonna), we have personalities suited to many adopter different situations.  Just ask us for a recommendation!

Plus, we have the delightful Midget and adorable Tinkerbelle - our two fall kittens, who would be happy to join your family individually or together.  And Margot, a beautiful teenager, looking for her special person.

Please check them out at our upcoming adoption events or complete an application to schedule a visit between events.

Many thanks to the foster families who nurture these cats & kittens while they are awaiting their forever homes.  Thanks also to the many outstanding volunteers who care for the cats/kittens in our building and make these adoption events possible.

Our next two adoption events are:

  • Saturday, 3/4, from 11am-3pm, at the PetSmart in Finley Square Shopping Center (1550 Butterfield Rd, Downers Grove)
  • Saturday, 3/18, from 11am-3pm, at our building in Lombard 

Hope to see you there and introduce you to our wonderful cats & kittens!


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