A Couple of Cats

After going full tilt for so long, and of course due to the freezing temperatures, we are trying not to do TNR until late March – when overnight temps will be above freezing – maybe. Still, we sent 1 female feral into DCAS on 1/12/23 – she may or may not decide to become friendly once her hormones are resolved. On 1/27/23 we sent 5 cats to ADOPT, all friendlies, one male and 4 females. We have just one more 2022 kitten on hand that will get neutered next week.

This brings us to 6 for January and so far in 2023 and a grand total of 13,958 since our start!

Five on 1/27/2023.

Time Is Limited for Smiles

If you have selected us as your charity on AmazonSmile, you have probably already received notification that as of Feb. 20th, their Smile donations will cease. Good that they gave us a head’s up. Everyone will receive a bonus of a 3 month average for 2022, in addition to what is spent up to 2/20/23. While it wasn’t a huge amount of money, it was steady and definitely made donors feel good as they participated. Thank you to everyone who made a difference while shopping!

Facebook Fundraisers

Facebook moves things around. We had moved the Facebook Fundraisers to the Home page but looks like they are now back under Fundraisers. We currently have 5 people with fundraising posts trying to raise funds for Feral Fixers – check them out – they have five to seven days left as I write this.

Frosty Claws Recap

Thank you to everyone who attended Frosty Claws! This was an extremely positive crowd! We’ve had higher attendance in some past years but the focus of this event is for everyone to have a good time, be able to interact with other cat people and enjoy themselves which definitely happened! Thank you all so much!

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