One More

Never say never, it would seem. Glen Ellyn Animal Hospital wanted to let a 3rd year vet student assist on a s/n surgery and asked us for a candidate but we had managed to work thru all of our kittens before that date came up. Surprise, on 12/17, one of our caretakers who had been trying to catch a previously TNR'd cat for evaluation, nabbed a cat new to her colony. We HATE to let unneutered cats go once they've been trapped and as a result, we managed to get one more male feral done at GEAH on 12/18. We did give him the name of "Surprise." Held onto him a little bit longer after and the weather had not taken a huge drop when he was released so it all worked out but no more, please! This brings us to 7 for December, 765 for 2021 and 13,214 since our start in 2007.

Surprise was wondering what we had in store for him - this is the day before his neuter. Big guy at 12 pounds!

Black Cat Giving Tuesday Fundraiser – Will We Make It?

Our donations made a huge leap and as of this writing the total is over $13,000 – 87% of goal! Our donors are outstanding! We enjoy hearing from our caretakers and adopters about how Feral Fixers cats are doing. We still have until December 31st to get to our goal. Visit us on Facebook and share this fundraiser with friends and family!

No Frosty Claws in 2022

Not yet. Believe it or not, the biggest drawback to having Frosty Claws is the inability to find a location large enough that everyone can attend. An open house, so that people can show up at the last minute, our usual attendance is about 200. With waiting so long for this event, 300 showing up would not be a surprise. Under Covid restrictions that would have to be a very large space. And it has to be in central DuPage. Event locations of that size are much more expensive and require catering if food & beverage is part of the event. We've had sit-down, catered events and they have been not been well received. Sure, we might be able to use a warehouse but that requires rental and set up of tables and chairs that we just don't have the volunteers for. One of the best parts of Frosty Claws has been the open atmosphere where attendees can socialize freely and it is not expensive to get in the door. This is an event for our caretakers, adopters and donors and if we raise a lot of money, too, how great is that! But the first goal has always been for everyone who wants to come to be able to and to have a really good time. Many people have asked if there will be a Frosty Claws this year and were looking for a flyer in the Holiday Card and we wanted to let everyone know – not yet.

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