It's already Thanksgiving! This year has flown by and we would like to take the time to express how thankful we are for all of our volunteers, donors, people who support us in so many different ways! Every time you mention to someone else how much we do, what we've done, that helps all the cats we take care of. Bringing us and TNR into everyday consciousness is huge! Generosity with time and money – can't tell you how much we appreciate that! Thank you all for making such a difference for the cats and kittens and for Feral Fixers!

Slowing Down For Several Weeks!

We've stopped trapping but still report cats being neutered, there are still kittens on hand to be done. We will be making one more trip in November but then hope to take several weeks off – we HAVE to! So far this year we have adopted out 270 cats and kittens – depending on when you are reading this 😊. We still have 28 cats officially posted on Petfinder, 30+ who are recently neutered, not posted yet and over a dozen that still have to be neutered. Submit your own and tell your friends to fill out adoption applications.

  • On 11/16 we sent 9 cats to DCAS, 8 friendlies, 1 feral with 6 males and 3 females.
  • On 11/18 we sent 13 cats to ADOPT, 12 friendlies, 1 feral with 7 males and 6 females.
  • On 11/23 10 cats went to DCAS, 7 friendlies, 3 ferals with 5 males and 5 females.

We'll be holding onto the ferals a little extra time, making sure they have shelters to go back to so that they stay healthy – their conditions merited neutering them at this time. One of the friendlies had been a bottle baby found in a Jewel parking lot – been getting great care since, surprise! it's a boy! Sometimes things are a little questionable in that area. Lovely kitten! Look for Jewel joining our ranks of adoptables soon.

DuPage Foundation Community Needs Grant Recipient

Feral Fixers was one of 31 not-for-profit organizations to receive a grant through DuPage Foundation’s Community Needs Grant Program (Community Needs). During the fall, 2021, Community Needs cycle, DuPage Foundation awarded $432,193 to organizations working in the areas of education, arts & culture, environment and animal welfare. Feral Fixers received a grant in the amount of $7,000 to provide veterinary support for stray, feral and adoptable cats and kittens – adding funds to our "As If They Were Our Own" efforts. DuPage Foundation is the philanthropic leader in DuPage County and we are very proud to receive this grant to help the cats in our community. These funds enable us to help the injured, the sick and those that do not have designated caretakers to provide funds for their care. We do not hesitate to provide care and grants and support from our donors give us the freedom to do so. We are very grateful to DuPage Foundation and the donors who benefit their community thru donations to DuPage Foundation.

Two More Adoption Events Yet This Year

We will be having two more Adoption Events this year at the building – December 4th & December 18th. We have so many wonderful kittens and adults hoping for a home! We generally have 20+ cats in attendance at these events in crates in the main room, small rooms for meet & greets as families make their choices – and our cats choose them as well! Filling out adoption applications in advance helps the process immensely. Additional pre-arranged adoption interviews are possible if you find someone on our Petfinder page in advance, too. Hope to see you there!

Getting ready for the trip on 11/18!

End of day on 11/23
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