13,000 Shirts

We have shirts to celebrate our milestone of 13,000 cats! Please click on our link and check out the three styles offered. We love to get the word out about what we've done and hope people will have a sense of pride in participating in our success! We're doing this online due to the lack of in-person interaction and storage of inventory, this is a huge time saver for us to do it this way and hope everyone can appreciate that! The purple looks really cool, can't wait to get my own! Sale is on until November 16th, order soon so we reach our goal! Thank you all so much!

Adoption Day – October 23rd

Kittens are not stopping this year! We have 80 kittens in foster, more waiting to move into foster and more to be trapped! We need adoptions to keep this train moving! Please check out our Petfinder, attend our Adoption Day on October 23rd at 330 Eisenhower Ln N, Lombard from 11 – 3, get pre-approved and share our adoptables with friends and family, share our facebook posts about all the fabulous cats we have. There is no cat like a Feral Fixers cat! We've had an abundance of black kittens, they seem to come in batches of colors, now we have a surge of brown tabbies! Please consider an addition to your family!

Kittens continue to come in.  Here are 5 that are awaiting a foster home.

National Feral Cat Day

Saturday was a great day! While chilly, it was a clear day and everyone was in a great mood! Thanks to everyone who showed up, donated and shared! So glad we could have this small event. We're trying to figure out how to hold a larger event in January with so much that is still unknown 😊.

We Need Help!

I make every effort to be as positive as possible – who needs to hear more negative stuff, right? But. Our current Feral Fixers volunteers are backed up in our Feral Fixers responsibilities, AND our personal responsibilities have taken huge hits. Life happens - someone volunteers to do yard work, they get a new job and cannot devote time to weeding. Someone washes crates and traps, their personal life changes dramatically and there is no one to take up the slack of keeping traps and crates washed, disinfected and in supply for the next cats to be trapped and the kittens to be cared for. Cleaning the bathrooms once a week can be a valuable contribution. To be very blunt, we've had people apply to volunteer yet do not have the skills and personalities to be a good fit. It also takes time to bring a volunteer on board, first contacts are important. Our most successful volunteers have been those individuals we have helped thru trapping and neutering, event attendees, they see the need and want to sustain our efforts. We have grown farther than we have the volunteers to support us. If you have the time and ability to do even one of the tasks we need taken care of, please contact us – showing up in person at an event is always the best way, shows a real interest and an initial investment of your time. For example, in regards to that growth, we need someone with experience who could move up in our Foster Program – 300 kittens adopted in a year require a lot of fosters. We could use someone to shoulder building maintenance – upkeep in and out – small repairs or scheduling work. And so on. Again, being blunt, you need to be a good fit and work with everyone comfortably, unique individuals to be sure.

End Of The Trapping Year ALREADY!

Hard to imagine how quickly the year has gone and here we are already with our last trip for ferals on October 29th. There will be surgeries for the kittens we have on hand as they mature enough to get surgeries. We have approximately 60 kittens that will need s/n in the coming weeks. But beyond that, winter is coming, can't do feral surgeries when their shaved bellies and impaired immune systems post-surgery might harm them and we need a break from at least that part of what we do.

On 10/15 we sent 10 cats to ADOPT, 7 friendlies, 3 ferals, with 6 females and 4 males. This brings us to 59 for October, 628 for 2021, and 13,077 since our beginning!!!

One more trip next week!

10 more cats going to ADOPT for s/n on 10/15!
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