This Saturday, October 16th, is our National Feral Cat Day Celebration at Feral Fixers' building (330 Eisenhower Ln N, Lombard) from 11 to 3. We'll have a Bake Sale (fifteen different bakers have signed up!), Boutique and Pumpkins! We'll have a raffle of a 72" cat tree, a 52" cat tree and 3 Halloween-themed baskets! Please wear your mask while indoors as we comply with Covid rules. Check out our wish list and drop off items – the volume of cats we care for has increased and therefore our canned food needs and cat litter needs. The weather is supposed to be a clear 60-degree day, cross your fingers!

Rush Is On

Every year there is a rush starting at the end of September to get cats done. People realize that winter is coming and want to do everything they can for the cats they have been caring for and to prevent kittens from being born in the middle of winter. We will do our best but the reality is that there are only a limited number of surgery slots available and we do not neuter ferals when the temps drop below freezing. In addition to the females having shaved abdomens, both sexes get vaccinated, which can lower their immune systems and reduce their resistance to the weather change. If we can't get to your ferals, provide the best shelters you can, provide good food and water and contact us in March 2022.

As I write this, there are 40+ kittens in foster who have not had spay/neuter yet due to their age. There are more to be trapped and more foster homes are still needed. Some foster families can only help with one litter a year, some foster all year round, but kittens do not stop to suit our schedules, we still encounter kittens at this time of year. Every shelter I speak to is still full of kittens, supply is outpacing capacity. Our adoptions have been great, please tell your friends and family about our cats and if they cannot adopt, ask them to consider fostering and being part of our success!

On 10/7 we sent 15 cats to DCAS, 7 friendlies, 8 ferals, with 7 males and 8 females.

On 10/14 we sent 31 cats to DCAS, 3 friendlies, 28 ferals, with 13 females (1 already spayed) and 18 males (one already neutered). This brings us to 49 for October, 618 for 2021, and 13,067 since our beginning!!!

Growing Trend?

Yet another town has authorized an initiative to spend city funds on TNR! Delray Beach, Florida has allocated $25,000 per year to fund Trap/Neuter/Return efforts in the city. That towns are recognizing this need is a tremendous step forward! At a time when city budgets are strained to the limit, it is amazing that they are spending those funds in this manner! Just in case you might have the ear of your local government, additional information for DuPage - $25,000 would neuter 375 cats in this area – pass it on!

Thank you!

TNR Room prior to 10/14 trip - 31 ferals and friendlies and a couple being held in crates!

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