We had a wonderful collection of 3 adult cats (GoGo, Harper, Grayson) and 18 kittens (Emma, Eloise, Eureka, ChaCha, Dumpling, Dublin, Claire, Chloe, Kevin, Kyle, Spangle, Honor, Stripes, Star, Felix, Fernando, Felina, Fettucine) at the adoption event on 9/11 at our building in Lombard.  For all but 3 of the kittens, this was their debut appearance at an adoption event.  While a few kitties took a little time to adjust to the situation, everyone did very well.

Two pre-approved families attended the event, which resulted in the adoption of 1 adult cat and 2 kittens.  There was also a good amount of foot traffic to keep us busy and interact with the cats and kittens.

  • Momma cat, Dusty, and her daughter, Durby, were adopted by a very nice family in Lombard.  They were committed to give Dusty plenty of time to adjust, and Durby is likely to be an instant playmate for their two sons.  They also have an extremely gentle senior dog, who will let the cats take the lead on interactions.
  • Honor was the pick of a great family from Oak Park.  She did very well with the children and will start out as a home office buddy for mom and dad.

In addition to these adoptions at the event, 3 adult cats and 14 kittens were adopted in the 3 weeks since our last adoption event in August.


  • Oscar - Adopted by a gal in Naperville who was referred by her daughter who previously adopted a kitten from us.
  • Othello - Adopted by a couple in Aurora who met Othello at our last adoption event at PetSmart.  Othello and their large but very gentle dog have become fast friends.
  • Edith - Adopted by the mom of Edith's foster mom, who previously adopted another kitten from us.  The two kitties have become best buddies.


  • Churro - Adopted by a family in Lisle with 3 other cats for her to play with.
  • Dunkin - Adopted by a couple in Chicago with a 2 yr old female cat companion.
  • Gloria & Glory - Adopted by a gal in North Aurora as her first fur children on her own.
  • Brunswick & Brummel - Adopted by a gal in Naperville who adopted another kitten from us in January 2021.
  • Gracie & Graffitti - Adopted by a family in Chicago with a 3 yr old male cat and a fondness for Gracie's similarities to the Turkish van mix they previously owned.
  • Windsor & Winn-Dixie - Adopted by a couple in Arlington Heights with 2 very well-behaved dogs, with whom Winn-Dixie was especially interested in getting acquainted.
  • Winchester - Adopted by a PhD student in Chicago who was missing the cats she grew up with.
  • Clement - Adopted by a family in Downers Grove as a companion for their teenage son - they have bonded.  Clement stood his own with their dog - hopefully they will become friends with time - introductions are going slowly.
  • Thatcher - Adopted by a gal in Wheaton with an energetic 1.5 yr old Bengal who needed a playmate.
  • Brubaker - Adopted by a couple in Hoffman Estates with a 4 mo old female kitten to be his buddy.

We closed out the month of August with 27 adoptions, and have completed 13 adoptions in September so far.  It is wonderful to see all of these kittens and cats, whom our foster families have carefully nurtured, transition into loving homes.

Many thanks to the foster families who brought their kittens and cats to the 9/11 event (Cheri, Diane, Agnes, Ari, Becky, Nancy, Richard/David).  Special thanks to the majority of these fosters who were also able to stay during the event to interact with our guests and reassure their fosters.

Many more thanks to the volunteers who made this event possible.  Steve, Whitney & Arielle - for the excellent and efficient set-up.  Candy & Trista - for the great job with adoption counseling and interacting with our guests.  Candy - for the photography and videography during the event, including a special Facebook live feature with our kittens born on Memorial Day (Star, Honor, Spangle, Stripes).  Sara - for helping with the laundry even though she couldn't be with us.  Steve - for supplying the professional-looking cage cards, coordinating the lunch run and donating the lunch funds to Feral Fixers!

Our next adoption event will be Saturday, 9/25, from 11am-3pm at the PetSmart in Wheaton (63 Rice Lake Square).  Hoping to get some good foot traffic in the store.  Please mark your calendars!



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