We had two successful adoption events at our building in Lombard this August, one on 8/7 and a second on 8/21. The 8/7 event was a kitten-focused event with 17 kittens in attendance. The 8/21 event featured 2 adult cats and 17 kittens. Everyone did a great job of entertaining and interacting with our guests.

7 kittens met their new families at the 8/7 adoption event:

  • Granola - Adopted by a gal in Morris as a companion for her 4 yr old female cat.
  • Neville - Adopted by a gal in Westmont to be a companion for her and her son.
  • Necco & Nemo - Adopted by a couple in West Chicago with a 16 yr old female cat and a 12 yr old female Gordon Setter.
  • Rocco - Adopted by a family in Lombard with 3 young children and a 6 yr old female Husky, who had recently lost their senior cat.
  • Scandi - Adopted by a medical student in Lombard to be his study buddy.
  • Schatzie - Adopted by a gal in Naperville who had grown up with pets and was looking for a furry friend of her own.

4 kittens met their new families at the 8/21 adoption event:

  • Chili - Adopted by a family in Darien with 3 older children and a 1 yr old male cat.
  • Madison & Madrid - Adopted by a family in Naperville with 2 young children and a 3 yr old male Pomeranian.
  • Newt - Adopted by a couple in Glen Ellyn with a 7 yr old male cat.

In addition, 7 kittens and 1 adult cat went to their new homes from visits before and after these events:

  • Roxbury - Adopted by a retired couple in Westmont who had recently lost their last cat.
  • Ming, Milton & Midway - Adopted by a gal in Chicago who has been a long time cat lover and owner and whose daughter recently moved away with their two family cats.
  • Neenah & Nevada - Adopted by a gal in Addison who was looking for her first fur children on her own.
  • Chico & Cheti - Adopted by a family in Plainfield with an older daughter. They had recently lost their last of two cats.

We closed out the month of July with 46 adoptions, and have completed 19 adoptions in August so far. It is wonderful to see all of these kittens and cats, whom our foster families have carefully nurtured, transition into loving homes.

Many thanks to the foster families who brought their kittens and cats to these events (Aimee/Jackson, Becky, Bonnie B, De, Jena/Deane, Jessica, Maria, Rachel/Sephie, Cheri, Gillian/Ari, Laura B, Lauren/Marina). Special thanks to the majority of these fosters who were also able to stay during the events to interact with our guests and promote their fosters.

Many more thanks to the volunteers who made this event possible. Arielle, Sara and Candy - for the excellent and efficient set-up. Sara, Trista & Candy - for the great job with adoption counseling and interacting with our guests. Sara - for fabricating the cage cards, managing the lunch run and helping with the laundry. Candy - for the photography and videography during the events. Steve - for creating the cage cards, even though he couldn't be with us at the events.

We will have 2 adoption events in September - one on Saturday, 9/11, and another on Saturday, 9/25. Both will run from 11am-3pm. The 9/11 event will be in our building in Lombard. The location for the 9/25 event is being worked. Please mark your calendars!



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