45 -1 + 2!

  • On 7/22, we sent 21 cats to DCAS, 17 feral, 4 friendly, including a friendly that had explosive diarrhea and got bumped on 7/1. Of those there were 17 females and 4 males.
  • On 7/26, a female kitten that had previously been bumped for a 5/6 heart murmur was spayed at Glen Ellyn with no complications.
  • On 7/29, we sent 23 cats to DCAS, 17 feral, 6 friendly. One of the ferals was pregnant and gave birth at DCAS while she was waiting, so did not have surgery and gifted us with two kittens (-1 +2), 11 females and 11 males for the day.

This brings us to 105 cats for the month of July, 422 for 2021 so far and 12,871 since our beginning in 2007.

We're not doing surgeries on 8/5 but will be back at it on 8/12. We're doing our best but we do have a backlog of locations! Share our adoptables and help us get our wonderful kittens adopted so that we have more room for the constant influx of more! Tell your friends to apply in advance for the Adoption Event at the building on August 21st! Lots of cuties! We have 21 cats on our Petfinder but lots more have not been posted yet. Many find homes even before being posted - we have such great adopters! Check out our Facebook page to see who will be at the Adoption Event!

We Need Canned Food!

At various times during the last two years, canned food has been in short supply. I was not expecting that to happen again but we are in the midst of a shortage – again. When Chewy is "out of stock" and will only allow you to order two cases of Chicken & Tuna Pate at a time and all other chicken flavors are out of stock, what do you do? Used to be able to wait until the cost was temporarily $12/case and now the price is regularly $15+ and then there's the time necessary to search for where it is available. If we have 20 ferals recovering from surgery, that's almost a case of food. Then there's all the fosters we support. That's my rant. Can you help? We find that the cats prefer chicken and turkey pate Friskies. Shreds and other flavors often go uneaten and are a waste. Click on our Want to Help? at the top of our website, then Buy Something and you will find links to our Wishlists.

The vets need to have some fun, unlikely Dakota was awake enough to know she had a hat on!  She made it thru her spay with flying colors despite her heart murmur!

Who are you looking at?

Some of the cats processed on 7/22.

And, some of the cats processed on 7/29.

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