Last week was PetSmart National Adoption Week and we participated with a number of adoptions during the week as well as an adoption event at the Wheaton PetSmart on Saturday, 7/24. This was our first in-store event since COVID began, and it went very well.

We had 2 adult cats (Ferris, Othello) and 9 kittens (Rocco, Necco, Nemo, Granola, Gravy, Tristan, Rosie, Roma, Roscoe) as the stars of our show. Despite lots of noise and dogs barking for the first 2 1/2 hours, everyone did very well interacting with our guests.

It was a busy day with lots of potential and pre-approved adopters visiting with our cats and kittens throughout the event. We kept the two meet 'n greet rooms in the back pretty occupied! No cats or kittens went home directly from the event, but a number of follow-up visits and adoptions are happening this week.

  • Rocco was adopted on Monday by a couple in St. Charles. He will have a dog buddy at home, similar to his foster situation.
  • Granola and his adorable polydactyl "mitten" paws was the pick of a couple in Villa Park. They have 3 other cats whom they adopted from Feral Fixers in prior years. Granola is scheduled to go home after his vaccinations this week.
  • Ferris won the heart of a gal and her roommate in Naperville, who has an older female cat at home. A second visit and likely adoption is scheduled for Friday.
  • A couple from Chicago were pre-approved for adoption at the event. They are first-time cat parents and trying to determine who will be the best match for them. They liked Othello, but were not quite sure. So a follow-up visit is planned with Othello and the other adult cats in his foster home next weekend.

20 additional adoptions took place in the two weeks since our last adoption event, including 19 kittens (Molly & Moira, Ellery & Eliza, Wandi, Wanona, Wallace, Scout, Wonton & Wonka, Eli & Elvis, Pancetta, Rollie, Nettie & Nero, Felipe & Fenton, Schelby & Scheri) and 1 adult (Misty). If the adoptions scheduled for this week happen as planned, we should close out July with over 40 adoptions!

Many thanks to the fosters (Cheri, Aimee/Jackson, De, Jillian, Laura, Rachel/Sephie) and the volunteers (Sara, Steve, Candy, Vicki) who made this event possible. Special thanks to fosters Jackson, De, Laura, and Rachel/Sephie, who were able to stay during the event and help with the meet 'n greets with their kittens. Thanks to Sara, Candy & Vicki for the great job with adoption counseling and interacting with our guests - with a steady flow of guests, everyone kept very busy.

Thanks to Vicki, Sara, Candy & Steve for the efficient set-up - it was more work loading everything into the store, but we easily got back into our old groove. Thanks to Sara, Arielle & Sam for loading the supplies into my van on Friday evening.
Thanks to Steve for the professional cage cards and coordinating our lunch run. Thanks to Candy for the great photography during the event. Thanks to Sara for the help with the laundry.

We will have 2 adoption events in our building in August - one on Saturday, 8/7, and another on Saturday, 8/21. Both will run from 11am-3pm. Please mark your calendars!


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