On 6/24 32 cats went to DCAS for spay/neuter, 13 ferals and 19 friendlies, with 18 males and 14 females. One female kitten had a heart murmur of 5/6 and did not get spayed, will happen when older at the local vet who has much more equipment on hand in case of emergency. Additionally, there was a hernia repair – we've had a few more of those this year than usual. These surgeries bring us to 82 for the month of June, 317 for the year and 12,766 since our start in 2007. This is almost halfway to the total numbers for the year that we did in all of 2020. We do this with the help of our donors, our fosters, and the many volunteers it takes to process this many cats. Thank you all!

The top 2 pictures show the cats for the 6/24 spay/neuter run being staged at our building. The bottom 2 pictures show the cats loaded into our transport vehicle for their trip to DCAS.

Help Wanted – Garage Sale Host

Our Fantastic Garage Sale did very well! People still came out to shop in between the episodes of downpouring rain. Thank you for the donations and the shoppers! Jennifer has hosted our annual garage sale since 2018 but can no longer do so ☹! She has done a wonderful job for the last four years!

Job involves having a garage with enough space to store donated items for a week or so prior to the sale, location close to a decent amount of traffic, ability to put up some signage in a parkway, etc. Sale has been a one-day event on a Saturday, running from 8am to 4pm. We have had the best response by not pricing the items ourselves but allowing shoppers to make a donation for their selected items – they are very generous – this reduces the workload dramatically. Host needs the ability to transport unsold items to Goodwill, or coordinate another organization to pick up. This is meant to be a low-stress event for everyone, host and shoppers alike! We are providing an outlet for our donors to get rid of items, another way for other donors to get some gently used items they need without paying store prices, keep more things out of the landfill and all the while benefitting our cats! Please contact Tammy This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in hosting our Feral Fixers Fantastic Garage Sale for 2022!

No TNR On 8/5

Taking the week off, so do not trap from 7/30 to 8/8 unless you intend to keep them at your house! We all need some time off and the end of the year is always the busiest for us. In 2020 we neutered over 400 cats between August and December. Taking one week off will hopefully help us prepare for the coming volume! Of course, it's only time off from trips for spay/neuter, not from all the other tasks we do each and every day!

Finally, here are four videos showing how older kittens can be handled and socialized. It's important to note that scruffing the kittens in order to be able to handle them is not hurting them. In a normal situation, their moms would be doing it with their very sharp teeth! These videos will also be posted on our website in the very near future.


 "The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more."
- Jonas Salk

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