Despite the dip in temperatures, DCAS started up their mobile vehicle last week.

On 4/22 we sent 30 ferals to DCAS, 17 males and 13 females. ADOPT continues to make a significant difference. On 4/22 we sent 5 ferals, 3 males, 2 females. And on 4/23 we sent 10 ferals, 5 males, 5 females.

As an example of the support of local organizations – a kitty we named Urchin was spayed on 4/22 at ADOPT. She is sooo friendly, WSHS had room to bring her in that day to their adoption program – don't know if they will keep the name – she's the black cat with the unusual left eye if she pops up on their adoption page.

This brings us to 92 for April, 134 to date for 2021 and 12,583 since our beginning. Will we make it to 13,000 in 2021? Lookin' good!

So much more pleasant than the garage!

2021 Fantastic Garage Sale

Garage sales have started popping up already! As you do your Spring cleaning, keep Feral Fixers in mind – our Garage Sale will be on June 26th from 8am to 3pm. Please only donate things that will sell, stuff that if you came across it at a different time you would buy it. NO CLOTHING, NO ELECTRONICS! We emphasize, sellable stuff! If it doesn't sell we have to take it somewhere or get an organization to pick it up from us. Donations in the past have been GREAT and people have had a lot of time to sort thru their belongings and we thank you in advance for sharing those items with us to raise funds!!! Try to hold onto stuff until the week before – drop offs begin June 19th at the garage sale location. This will kick off our next fundraiser – As If They Were Our Own – we direct those funds toward the care of feral cats that goes beyond spay/neuter – wounds, etc., someone has to take care of these cats and we do our best! Put June 19th – 26th on your calendar!

Mom & Babies Fosters

From year to year we never know what we will encounter in regards to kittens and moms & babies. So far this year we have 3 sets on hand. While we would prefer to leave them outside until the kittens are 5 weeks old, that is not always possible. One set was in a feral cat shelter outside the door of a 3rd floor apartment building, another was a cat that unexpectedly gave birth after being brought inside during the severe cold and the third had her kittens in a 4ft deep window well – moms are more likely to abandon kittens in a window well. When fostering moms & babies, usually the mom does all the work and the humans just do some light housekeeping until the kittens are coming out and able to be handled. MUST be kept in a crate for the benefit of all parties until kittens are older and able to be separated. Wanted to share some great photos of crate set-up. Remember, tell everyone that if they find kittens, LEAVE THEM ALONE unless they are at risk and call us before you do anything!

Feral cat dens allow everyone
to feel safe in the crate

Great crate set-up
Elsa and her SIX kittens are inside



Keeping feral moms quiet and
comfortable is very important
Kittens will be out and about before we
know it they'll have plenty of room

Fund Our Ferals' Futures Fundraisers Ending 4/30!

Maybe you wondered about two fundraisers with the same purpose at the same time? We had already set up our Giving Grid fundraiser when Giving DuPage invited our participation in Giving DuPage Days. We could not miss out on the additional publicity and presence that Giving DuPage could give us and our Giving Grid donors enjoy sharing and participating in that platform so we decided to do both. We have such wonderful donors who are really stepping up for both campaigns. Please share with friends and family and know that those funds will go on to help Feral Fixers for years to come as we will use those funds to support our building – our next purchase will be cages for our ISO room, so we can house cats that need that extra care without infecting and affecting others in the building. Campaigns end April 30th!

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