We received $558.80 from Amazon Smile for purchases from 10/1/20 to 12/31/20. That means our donors spent a whopping $111,760 and made us their designated charity! Yay! We are trying to keep the Amazon Wish list updated with all the small things we need for the building – we didn't add them before due to lack of storage while the building was being worked on. We've received Amazon Gift Cards which we have so far used to purchase disinfectant and kitchen scales to weigh the kittens that will be arriving soon! And FYI – AmazonSmile can be used to shop at Whole Foods if you place orders online! Grocery purchases to benefit Feral Fixers – how 'bout that!

April Is Coming

We're getting calls, caretakers are impatient but snow is still in the forecast and we have to wait to do large numbers of cats. Yes, it is 55 during the day but still dropping to the low twenties at night. We will be doing our big trips starting in May, trying to cope with situations that can't wait up til then, but everyone is going to have to be patient.

On 2/21 we took Bunny, a feral, to GEAH with a severe laceration on his back, he was healthy in all other respects so we proceeded with the repair and neutered him. Returned to vet on 3/2 as he was not healing, wound was cleaned, a drain was placed and he was wrapped in a bandage to hold everything in place. On 3/6 he went back for a recheck, took a sample for culture. On 3/9, back again, cleaned again, drain was removed and bandage was removed – happy day! and started on a different antibiotic as culture indicated an unusual bacteria – actinomyces, turns out those infections are often severe and require a drain. He is scheduled for a re-check on 3/16, he's eating well and seems to be healing. You never know what you might be getting into with these cats! His bill comes to about $1500 currently. Without intervention, he definitely would have died a painful death. Please think about donating towards his bill in our Facebook fundraiser.


Before going to the vet


After 1st trip to vet, feeling better



Incision all stitched up and drain removed 3/9


Incision doing really well today (3/14) but clear that this was not his idea!



Well bandaged and secure


What did I do to deserve this?

On 2/26 we sent 1 friendly and 4 ferals to ADOPT, 2 males, 3 females. On 3/12 we sent 2 ferals to ADOPT, 1 male, 1 female – the male from that location where the cats are in danger. This brings us to 16 17 cats in February, 2 cats in March for a year total of 22 23 and 12,471 12,472 since our start in 2007.

Happening At The Building

It is time for all the smaller projects and purchases to take place. From purchasing shelving on wheels, foldable banquet tables and a cart to store them on, to purchasing and setting up cages for the ISO room, we still have a lot to do! The Fund Our Ferals' Future Giving Grid Campaign is all about the building, whether it is purchasing those permanent supplies, keeping the lights on or making sure the garbage gets picked up, this fundraiser makes sure we can continue to support the cats we care for! We will be participating in the DuPage Giving Days Fundraiser as well from April 26 to April 30. Please donate and help us reach our goals!


Donation of 5 office chairs from our Amazon List!

Huge rack for storing crates, so much less work to store


We're putting everything on wheels!

Cart for our new tables - lots of space flexibility

Walmart Registry For Good & Chewy Gives Back

Bluntly, trying to shop for us on Walmart has been a real pain in the past. Now, Walmart seems to have created a much easier to use Registry For Good. We just got approval and put up our wish list – we'll work on more items. Some things, such as Special Kitty cat litter, appear to be unavailable thru this list, but there is an option for Gift Cards so that we can purchase items like that ourselves!

Chewy has started a new program Chewy Gives Back.  Click on "give back", select Feral Fixers and go to our wish list – we will be working on adding more items, but they also have a Gift Card option!

Thank you to everyone for supporting us so generously!

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