There was an ebb and flow of busy times and slower times at our adoption event on Sunday, 11/11, at PetSmart in Wheaton, as part of the final PetSmart National Adoption Weekend in 2018. We had a crowd of potential adopters at the start of the event, then a lull, another burst in the early afternoon, followed by a lull, and then a final burst right near the end of the event.

21 kittens (Ashley, Ember, Baxter, Breezy, Bruce, Waves, Wazoo, Sugar Pie, Gala, Duncan, Duke, Yori, Java, Jasmini, York, Onion, Pasquale, Hazel, Winette, Winkie, Nabi) and 2 adult cats (Jasmyn, Hodges) were the stars of our show. Everyone behaved wonderfully and several won the hearts of adopters...

  • Onion was the pick of a wonderful couple from Wheaton. They had adopted a female kitten (Astrid) from us last year and were looking for a companion for her. Their updated application was approved on Monday, and they will be scheduling the adoption from Onion's foster home later this week.
  • Java and Jasmini won the heart of a nice young gal from Elburn, who had been pre-approved for adoption. These will be her first fur babies, and she was very excited. She is getting her place ready and will be picking them up later this week.
  • Nabi and Gala will be joining a terrific family in Naperville, who had also been pre-approved for adoption. The adopter is friends with the gal who originally contacted Feral Fixers about rescuing Nabi and her brother, Namji. Since they do not have other pets currently, they wanted a pair of kittens. So since Namji was already adopted, we thought that Gala and Nabi might work well together. Although they had never met, we decided to try them out in a crate together at the event. The kittens did great together and won the heart of the family. They are preparing their safe room and plan to pick up the girls next Sunday.
  • Duke was adopted by a great family from Itasca. They had adopted Rico Suave earlier, but he did not seem to be the best match for their family and their 2 older cats. Duke is a little older (6-7 months) and more independent and therefore a better match. We will be looking for a home for Rico with another young kitten.

So 6 adoptions will likely result from the event :-) We also received an application for Ashley and Ember, which is under review, and provided business cards to several other potential adopters.

Many thanks to PetSmart for hosting the event as well as a very generous donation of 20 cat beds in an assortment of colors!! These will be nice Christmas gifts for our fosters and adopters :-) Thanks also to an adopter and a TNR recipient who provided cat litter and food donations.

Adoptions have been steady outside of events as well. 8 kittens (Werther, Krissy, Kiwi, Glenna, Sirius, Acorn and Memphis & Moonbeam together) and 1 adult cat (Geneva) also found loving homes since our last adoption event.

Many thanks to the volunteers and fosters who made this event a success (Sara, Bonnie, Bernie, Steve, Marge & Murray, Candy, Amanda, Diane, Laura B, Erika, Gillian, Catherine/Nick, Michelle/Jeff). Special thanks to Sara, Bonnie, Bernie & Steve for helping start-to-finish with set-up, execution, and clean-up. Thanks also to Laura B, Diane, Marge & Murray, Candy, Amanda and Erika for staying during the event to interact with our guests and promote our wonderful kitties.

Many thanks for all of the other valuable contributions to this event - to Candy for the excellent photography & videography during the event; to Connie, Stephanie and Ted for promoting the event on our Facebook page and web site; to Bonnie & Steve for the professional-looking cage cards; to Debbie for the on-going updates to the Adoptable Cats & Kittens board; to Sara for helping with adoption counseling and paperwork; to Bernie for entering our adoptions in the PetSmart iPad; to Diane and Candy for helping with kitten transport for other fosters; to Sara for helping with the laundry; to Sara & Steve for coordinating our lunch run; to Gillian for the delicious pumpkin bread.

We will have 2 more adoption events before the end of the year on Saturday, 12/1 and on Saturday, 12/15. One is likely to be at PetSmart in Wheaton and the other at Bentley's in Elmhurst. Locations are still being finalized, so please stay tuned.



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