It was a fun and busy adoption event at the Wheaton PetSmart on Saturday, 9/15 - the 3rd of 4 PetSmart National Adoption Weekends in 2018. The last PetSmart National Adoption Weekend will be Nov 10-11.

30 kittens (Bruce, Baxter, Breezy, Edie, Waves, Wazoo, Ampere, Cassidy, Casino, Twister, Twiggy, Twinkle, Neroli, Garbo, Gilbert, Sirius, Ra, Will, Harry, Juliet, Ophelia, Kelsey, Mercury, Memphis, Mesquite, Mel, Mexico, Moonbeam, Gigabit, Joule) and 1 adult cat (Mickey) were the stars of our show. The cages were arranged in a U-shared table formation which seemed to work very well. All kitties were visible from the center of the U.

5 kitten adoptions were finalized during the event:

  • Twiggy stole the heart of a gal from Lisle who had recently lost her long-time calico companion. Apparently her calico was a talker, as is Twiggy. She purchased new cat supplies for Twiggy and took her home. Per current updates, she is a love!
  • Twinkle was a match for a pre-approved family from Bartlett with a young son and lab mix puppy. Twinkle played well with the little boy and did not seem bothered by the dog. Current updates indicate she is settling in well.
  • Gigabit and Joule were the choice of a young pre-approved couple in Naperville. They are their first fur children. They completed the adoption paperwork at the event and picked up the kittens from their foster home on Sunday. While they were a little shy initially in their new home, current updates indicate that the kittens are adjusting well.
  • Mesquite won the heart of a young pre-approved couple from Lombard. He will be their first fur baby as a married couple, and will share his home with an adult female cat. He is a cuddle bug and the resident cat is adjusting.

3 additional adoptions were completed since the event:

  • Mickey, our only adult cat at the event, was adopted by a man in Aurora. He lost his prior cat and has been looking around for awhile. He met Mickey at the event and then went to the foster's home for a follow-up visit on Sunday. He decided she was the one and took her home that day. I understand she is doing well with him.
  • Apollo and Artemis were/are being adopted by their foster family. They had decided on Apollo prior to the event, and added Artemis to that decision the morning of the event. I guess the thought of her going to another family was the turning point! The kittens are integrated with multiple cats & dogs and doing very well.

In addition to these adoptions, we were also visited by a number of other guests and potential adopters. Everyone enjoyed meeting and interacting with our delightful kittens. The young black boys (Mercury, Memphis, Mesquite, Mel, Mexico) in particular drew lots of attention. Follow-up is underway.

On-line adoption inquiries have been flowing in at a pretty good rate since the event, which will hopefully result in some adoptions later this week or next weekend.

Thanks to PetSmart for hosting this event and for the generous food donation we received.

Many thanks to the volunteers who helped with the set-up and clean-up from the event as well as interacting with our guests (Sara, Bonnie, Steve, Bernie, Candy). It was a big effort with the large number of kittens we had at the event, but everything went very smoothly. We are a well-oiled machine!

Many thanks also to all of the fosters who brought their kittens and cat to the event and helped to promote them with potential adopters (Bonnie, Candy, Cheri, Diane, Jen, Joanie, Marjorie, Marilyn, Laura/Rick).

Special thanks for all of the other valuable contributions which made the event a success - to Candy for the great photography & videography during the event; to Connie, Stephanie and Ted for promoting the event on our Facebook page and web site; to Bonnie & Steve for the excellent new, professional-looking cage cards; to Mike and Debbie for the on-going and accurate updates to the Adoptable Cats & Kittens binder and board; to Sara and Bernie for your help with adoption counseling; to Sara for coordinating lunch and helping with the laundry.

It was another great team effort!!

We have one more adoption event scheduled in September:

  • Saturday, 9/22 - Two Bostons Adopt-A-Rama at Two Bostons located at 2523 W 75th St in Naperville from 12noon to 3pm. Hopefully the weather will be good, as it is an outdoor event.

There will likely be 2 adoption events in October. Venues are being finalized and details will be sent shortly.



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