Two more spay/neuter trips!

On 8/16 we sent 17 cats to DuPage Animal Services mobile unit, 10 ferals and 7 friendlies. Of those, 9 were males and 8 were females.

On 8/23 we sent 21 cats to DCAS, 8 friendlies and 13 ferals. with 16 females and 5 males. Two of the feral females were already spayed. One seemed to have an eartip but was lactating and did not have a microchip so we sent her in - her situation is a mystery. The other female that was already spayed was a surprise and the eartip did not stand out - this female was originally spayed in October of 2009 - a new resident in the area plans on bringing her inside, so nine years after her TNR she will be in a home.

In addition to all of this, we had a very friendly female with a reported injured paw that was already spayed and microchipped, owner was called but we took her to vet to get paw checked out. We could not find anything wrong with paws or legs so we vaccinated, snap tested and gave her dewormer. Right after vet visit, owner called - he had moved to North Dakota and gave her to a friend's aunt who's cat had just died. A few hours later friend called and came to get "Spooky" who had gotten out when the aunt's caregivers had left the door open six months ago. At that time she was very skittish and not friendly at all. The past six months transformed her because she was wrapping her legs around my arm to get tummy rubs. Happy ending.

So with 36 cats that had surgery in these two trips, bringing us to 84 for August, 395 for the year and 10,712 since we began. Many thanks to Debbie, Dedra, & Charli for transporting!

One more trip in August on 8/30 and then not until 9/13, taking a break for the one week of Labor Day.

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