The environment was bright, friendly and inviting for our first adoption event at Bentley's Pet Stuff in Elmhurst on Saturday, 7/28. Everyone at the store was so welcoming and accommodating. We appreciated the opportunity to have an event there.

23 adorable, cuddly and playful kittens were the stars of our show (Ferry, Tanker, Trawler, Sail, Schooner, Fawler, Fable, Farah, Fargo, Onion, York, Gazette, Tucker, Allison, Duke, Bam Bam, Barney, Mollie, Moe, Morty, Mango, Hobby, Jay). Everyone did very well meeting and greeting our guests.

Two pre-approved adopters came to the event, which resulted in 3 adoptions. Another former adopter stopped by to meet the kittens, which led to a subsequent adoption. One of our foster families also decided to keep one of their fosters, resulting in a 4th adoption. There were also a few other folks who stopped by to meet and interact with our kittens.

  • Bam Bam and Barney were the choice of a terrific cat-loving couple from Chicago. They have since sent us photos to show how well the boys are acclimating to their home. The kittens will have 2 adult cat companions as well.
  • Fable won the heart of our other pre-approved adopter. She had initially came in to see Bam Bam, but she very graciously redirected her interest when she learned that Bam Bam and Barney (a bonded pair) had an adopter who wanted them both. Fable will have a fabulous home, as his adopter and her husband are huge cat lovers from Oswego who previously adopted Belinda in 2017 and Tracy in 2015. So Fable will have lots of playmates.
  • Gazette's gorgeous appearance drew another former adopter from Lisle to come to the event and meet her. When they met her, Gazette's sweet personality won them over. They clearly have a soft spot for torties, as they adopted Grayly, another tortie girl, in 2016. Following approval of their application, Gazette went home on Monday.
  • Jay has won the heart of his wonderful foster family in Wheaton, and they have decided that he cannot leave! He will have 2 other cats as his buddies and role models.

Adoptions have been strong outside of our events as well, both for our adult cats and our kittens. 9 kittens (Nathaniel & Nahla (adopted together), Daniel, Dallas & Danica (all 3 adopted together), Giles (to be adopted with Deni, once Deni is neutered), Herald, Higgins, and Giorgio, as well as 4 adults (Gracie, Gracie II, Redford, Ambrosia) have all been adopted since our 7/11 event. There are also several other adoptions in the works which will be finalized in the next week. A happy and rewarding time!

Many thanks to the volunteers and fosters who made the event possible. Set-up and clean-up went very smoothly and efficiently, even in a new venue, thanks to Sara, Bernie and Steve. Thanks to our foster moms (Candy, Diane, Melissa, Catherine, Stefny, Marisa, Marilyn, and Gillian) who brought their foster kittens to the event and were able to stay for all or a portion of the event to interact with our guests and adopters. Thanks to Sara and Bernie for help with adoption counseling and completing adoption contracts. Thanks to everyone for playing with, cuddling and entertaining our kittens - a rough job, but someone has to do it ;-)

Special thanks for all of the other valuable contributions which made the event a success - to Candy for the photography and videography during the event as well as driving the "kitten bus" to/from Naperville; to Connie, Stephanie and Ted for promoting the event on our Facebook page and web site; to Lauren for the cute cage cards (so sorry she could not stay for the event); to Mike and Debbie for the updates to the Adoptable Cats & Kittens binder and board; to Sara for help with the laundry; to Bernie for coordinating our lunch run.

Our next adoption event is scheduled for Saturday, 8/11, at Pet Supplies Plus at 720 E. Ogden Ave. in Naperville from 11am-3pm. Hope to see you there!



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