Our adoption event at the Wheaton PetSmart on 7/14 was a kitten only event. This was the first of many more kitten-focused adoption events to come, as the kittens we rescued in spring are becoming of age to be spayed/neutered and available for adoption. 18 sweet and cuddly kittens were the stars of our show. Everyone was playful and engaging with our guests.

  • 2 kittens (Tanker & Trawler) went home from the event with a wonderful family from Roselle who had been pre-approved for adoption. Their two sons loved playing with the kittens and vice versa. We have since received a video of the kittens enjoying their new home :-)
  • Applications were also received for 6 other kittens, of which 5 adoptions seem likely.
  • Mississippi and Missouri won the heart of a cat-loving gal and her son from Bensenville. They recently lost two older cats and were looking for some kitten energy to fill their home. The boys are targeted to go home next week.
  • Post was the pick of the sweet daughter of a fellow animal advocate from Naperville. The family has other cats and dogs and is involved in animal care and advocacy, but the daughter wanted a kitten of her own. Post will be her buddy. His adoption occurred on 7/17.
  • After some deliberation (they loved them all), Fargo and Farah seem to be the focus of a nice couple from Lisle. They will be scheduling a follow-up visit this Saturday to make sure the kittens can handle their dogs, and the dogs aren't too interested in the kittens!
  • A former adopter also stopped by to meet Schooner, but later decided to wait on adopting another kitten since they have a human baby arriving soon.

There were also many other folks who stopped by to meet our kittens. All-in-all it was a very good day.

Many thanks to the volunteers who helped make the event a success - Sara, Bonnie, Lauren, Candy, Steve, his daughter Michelle, and a former adopter and supporter of Feral Fixers - Lari. Set-up and clean-up was amazingly easy and efficient! Many thanks to the foster parents who brought their current and former foster kittens to the event and stayed as long as they could to promote their kittens and interact with our guests - Marge & Murray, Gillian, Catherine, Stefny/Candy, and Diane. Potential adopters truly appreciate interacting with the kittens' foster families.

Special thanks for the great teamwork and other contributions to the event. Thanks to Candy for her excellent photography and videography during the event. Thanks to Connie, Stephanie and Ted for promoting and providing real-time coverage of the event on Facebook and our web site. Thanks to Lauren for the super cute cage cards as well as the Comfort for Critters blankets for all of our adopters. Thanks to Mike and Debbie for updating the Adoptable Cats & Kittens binder & board. Thanks to Sara for help with the laundry, adoption screening and running back to my house to bring some things I forgot. Thanks to Gillian and Nora for the excellent brownies. Thanks to Marge and Murray for making the lunch run.

So glad we all work so well together, and have some fun too!

The following are our next 2 scheduled adoption events. Tammy is scheduling kitten spays/neuters by the bunches every week, so I'm sure we will have many kittens at these events.

Fosters - Please note that I will probably not be able to feature all available kittens at all events going forward - there just won't be room for everyone. I will try my best to make sure that every available kitten is invited to at least every other event, and also handle the many on-line inquiries we receive.

  • Saturday, 7/28, Bentley's, 624 N York Rd Unit B, Elmhurst, 11am-3pm
  • Saturday, 8/11, Pet Supplies Plus, 720 E. Ogden Ave., Naperville, 11am-3pm



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