This cat is from the 5/31 trip, it was soooo hot in the garage. Can't really face another year of the cats being so hot when it is 90+ degrees outside. We are thinking of leasing a storefront after all, to do just the TNR cats and the ones we have to hold for VERY short periods of time. Really, we just need an enclosed space, a/c and a bathroom! We have not found the right space to buy - streets too busy, too much work to be done inside, many factors. We've even considered buying and knocking down, putting a prefab on the property, but that price tag is around $500K which is out of our grasp at this time - we're at $300K comfort level.

The kitten explosion is just 2 weeks away. We've had several caretakers insistent on keeping kittens and finding homes for them on their own, which is a good thing as long as everyone gets neutered! There have been several situations where people let a cat inside, she gave birth and they managed to get the kittens into shelters on their own, too. But, we are getting calls about a lot of litters and we'll start bringing them in and sorting out the tameable and not and getting those tameables into fosters. The kittens from our moms & babies have about 4 more weeks to s/n age but we will probably have some kittens for our next adoption event!

Here's the info from our last three trips -

  • On 5/14 we took 9 ferals to ADOPT's clinic, 7 females and 2 males.
  • On 5/24 we sent 10 ferals to ADOPT, 5 female and 5 male.
  • On 5/31 7 ferals went to PAWS, 5 female and 2 male, of which Grimlock, the panting kitty, was part of the trip. He showed up at a barn in Wayne, very friendly, they want to keep him as a barn kitty but wanted to get that eartip and microchip to ensure he is safe!

This adds 26 to May, bringing our May total to 52, our year total to 146 and we've done 10,463 since our start in 2007. Many thanks to Dedra, Debbie, Charli, Laura, Linda & Mark for transporting!!!

Gather up your records for shredding and visit our booth at the Shred4Rescues event next weekend!!!

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