My feet hurt!

Merry Christmas!

The snow has come, a steady flow of flakes.

"Much Better Now!"

The phone has not stopped, first call of the day came at 6:48 AM. Another, with message left at 7:45 AM. Can't blame the people, a cat had been trying to break into their home since 4 AM! Huge thanks to Diane for responding to my text about the situation, cat was friendly, Diane brought her to my house by 9 AM. She has no chip and is a long hair brown tabby, about 8 months old I think. Thin. Her back feet pads have injuries - either frozen or burned or from chemicals - a few of her whiskers look curled from heat. You can see from her closed eyes, she was very happy to be warm and held. Not really interested in food yet, just settling in. I think her name should be Noelle - what else on Christmas Eve?

Noelle is just one of the many cats that have no other support. Alone, clearly had a home at one time, desperate.

Thank you all for helping us to help them! Have a wonderful holiday!

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