On Monday, Debbie transported 10 cats to ADOPT Pet Shelter's clinic. 5 ferals and 5 friendlies resulted in 5 males and 5 females. Dedra picked up. The five ferals came from Hanover Park, Lombard, Carol Stream, Elmhurst and West Chicago. Bam, bam, bam down thru DuPage County! With these 10, we have neutered 71 in September, 640 in 2017 and 10,085 from our beginning.

We put another plea out for fosters on our facebook and want to repeat it here.


Many fosters are closing down - vacations, etc.

I have 5 kittens in my basement. Kedi, 6wk old that needs buddies of same age, he is doing great! Two, Allura & Alfie, 5 month olds are doing very well, love to be held, need to be able to run around and learn to come up to people, just need that final "finishing". Oscar 11wks & Swirly 4mos are progressing nicely, need more interaction.


The garage - right now I don't have a count on how many kittens are there. Probably at least 10.

Some kittens are in garages that are equal to rooms in a house - our use of those end at the end of October as fosters want their garages for winter use.

Alfie & Oscar

We have reduced the influx of kittens to just about zero - forcing caretakers to take kittens to County or foster themselves. We said it would have to happen and it has. Shelters are completely clogged with cats and kittens, we have no hope of movement in that direction - end of season, hurricane cats, returns, are valid reasons that they cannot take our cats. The number of possible adoptions is a finite number. We are at the forefront of reducing the glut of cats by doing TNR, but being slowed by caring for the adoptable cats we have on hand.

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