In order to keep up, we are making multiple trips to different spay/neuter clinics in a week.

On Friday, we went to Spay Illinois with five ferals, 2 females and 3 males. Charli made the AM trip and Debbie picked up.

On Monday, we sent 15 cats to Adopt Pet Shelter's spay/neuter clinic, 7 friendlies and 8 ferals, of which 8 were males and 7 were females. Charli transported AM and Dedra picked up. Sometimes, when we send friendlies to ADOPT for spay/neuter, they transfer some into their adoption program. We asked them to consider a couple and they ended up taking all 7 friendlies - HUGE! Our fosters are very grateful!

With these two trips, we add 20 to our totals, 44 for September so far, 613 for the year and 10,058 since we began in 2007!

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